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in 2013 

From Roswell, New Mexico. 

and Lubbock. . . 

and Rio de Janeiro. . . 

and from Dallas. 

From across the state and 

around the world we came 
Our paths merged for a time 
As we shared the adventures 
of learning 



- j &±* " 

n l 


The path is not all straight 

and narrow 
There are diversions, 

And an occasional painful 


6ft : ' 




i * 


Yet we remain on the same 

road as travelers 
Some heading to a destination 

well marked 
Others trusting to luck 
That they'll know where 

they're going 
When they arrive 

Time passes and people 

And the journey continues 
Branching to infinity 
While we have stopped for 

a moment 


Georgetown, Texas 


Administration includes "freshmen". . . 

The ranks of newcomers to South- 
western in August weren't limited to 
freshman students. 

After searches, interviews and meet- 
ings which filled the calendar last 
spring, three new people were chosen 
to fill vacancies in the university's 

From St. Agnes' Academy in Houston 
came Dr. Barbara Brightwell as our 
new Dean for Student Development. 
She replaced Dean Suzanne Gordon. 

(Lower left) Dean Barbara Brightwell 
(Upper right) Dean Benjamin Oliver 
(Lower right) Mr. Kirk Treible 

Taking Mr. Basil Phillips' place as 
Vice-President for Fiscal Affairs was 
Mr. Kirk Treible from West Virginia 
Wesleyan College. 

Dr. Benjamin Oliver, from Hobart and 
William Smith Colleges in New York, 
took over Dr. F. Burr Clifford's 
responsibilities as Dean of the Brown 
College of Arts and Sciences. 

. . .as two SU veterans depart 

Two men who have invested years of 
tneir lives at Southwestern decided to 
leave their posts this year. 

Dr. B. F. Jackson, head librarian, 
officially retired on September 30, 
1977, and continued to serve as a con- 
sultant to the library. 

Jackson, who had been at Southwes- 
tern previously as a student and later 
as a teacher, was head librarian for 
two years. 

Dr. Jackson said he views the library 
as "an education force in its own right 
apart from the curricular programs. . . 
the point at which new knowledge being 
created becomes available to the cam- 
pus community. . . the repository of 
earlier achievement". 

Dr. Angus Springer, chairman of the 
Department of Theatre/Speech, ended 
35 years of teaching at Southwestern 
with his unique "Theatre of Celebra- 
tion" course, which was taught in con- 
junction with several other professors. 

Perhaps Springer's feelings about the 
theatre are best expressed in an essay 
which he wrote for the 1970 Sou'wester: 

"The arts came into being when man 

discovered his need to express himself 

in ways which transcended his physical 

battle for survival. Fine Art became 

his humanizing leaven which, mixed 

with his struggle to acquire knowledge 

and skills in science and business and 

social development and the humanities, 

contributed greatly to his position as 

master of the animals. 
"At no time in man's history are the 

arts more important than they are 
today in helping man to interpret his 
hopes and dreams, his aspirations and 
his desire for fulfillment. Drama, the 
art which embraces all other arts, 
describes and explains character behav- 
ior and conflict; it presents and inter- 
prets social and psychological problems; 
delves into man's strongest emotions 
and desires; creates beautiful and 
powerful language; it is always most 
concerned with man's inner nature. " 

(Upper left) Dr. Angus Springer 
(Lower left) Dr. B. F. Jackson 

Homecoming ceremonies add "Cullen 


Above: President Fleming formally 
accepts the new building. 

Below left: Last-minute touches are 
added before Homecoming visitors 

to our campus and our vocabulary 

Amid the traditional pomp and cere- 
mony of Homecoming Weekend, October 
14-16, was a note of special significance: 
the 77-year-old Administration Building 
was rededicated as the Cullen Building, 
in honor of the Cullen Foundation of 
Houston, donor of the funds which made 
possible the renovation and restoration 
of the campus' oldest structure. 

Jacques Brel, Charlie Brown, and friends 

'Blithe Spirit' 

directed by 
Alva Hascall 

Rath: Demise Brouillette 
Charles: James Michael 
Elvira: Tek Wilson 
Madame Arcati: Tere Myers 

Dr. Bradman: Tal Lostracco 
Mrs Bradman: Kathleen Slaughter 
Edith: Pattye DeDear 


brought to life by Mask & Wig Players 

Jacques Brel is Alive 
and Well and 
Living in Paris" 

Cast: Carol Cleaver, James Michael, 
Tere Myers, Barry Nash, Mike Stan- 
ley . 


"You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" 

Fred Goodson 

Charlie Brown: Tim Crouch 

Linus : 
Schroeder : 

Diana Dulany 
Carlton Odom 
Ken Wilson 
Barry Nash 
Pattye DeDear 


"Our Town" by Thornton Wilder 

April's production of "Our Town" 
marked the end of an age at Southwes- 
tern, as it was the final production 
directed by retiring theatre department 
chairman Angus Springer. This was 
the fourth time that the play has been 
presented by the Mask &: Wig Players. 

Stage Manager: Fred Goodson 
Dr. Gibbs: Barry Nash 
Mrs. Gibbs: Bobbie Fisher 
Mrs. Webb: Anne Sheffield 
George Gibbs: Ken Wilson 
Emily Webb: Tek Wilson 
Mr. Webb: Kelly Smith 
Simon Stimson: Re Simmons 
Professor Willard: John Davis 

Traditions warm Christmas season 

Candlelight service in the Chapel. . . 
Sneed Open House. . . trimming the 
Union Christmas tree. . .The Messiah. . 
Christmas caroling. . . professors wait- 
ing on students in the Commons. . . 

The annual activities of the Christmas 
season provide a break from the ten- 
sion of final exams and the anticipation 
of the coming vacation and add some 
warmth to those cold December days 
and nights. 

(Below left) Dean Brightwell takes on 
a new role. 

(Below right) The Messiah 

(Bottom) Candlelight service in Lois 
Perkins Chapel 

,» '< * 

♦ -~ 

Mm wm* \ 

Fall grads celebrate new beginning 

Over sixty Southwestern students 
changed their identities to that of 
"Southwestern graduates" on December 
18, 1977. The Commencement Address, 
"Ideas Have Legs", was presented by 

Dr. Angus Springer to the graduates, 
parents, families and friends assembled 
in the Chapel to share the occasion of 
ending one phase of life and embarking 
on another. 

(Upper left) Graduates-to-be enter the 
Chapel for the ceremonies. 

(Lower left) Mark Kishego receives 
his degree. 

(Upper right) Dr. Springer explains 
his belief that "Ideas Have Legs". 

(Lower right) Candidates march to the 

Winter really does come to central Texas 

Jack Frost was slow in coming, but 
he finally arrived and left his mark 
all over the outdoor s- - icy cars that 
wouldn't start, bone- chilling wind. . . 
and the beauty of an almost dream- 
like ice world where a silent foun- 
tain twinkles and heavy-laden trees 
glisten in the winter moonlight. 


The parties and the pressure, the 
rules and the uncertainties, the smiles 
and the doubts and the laughter and the 
tears--all are integral parts of the 
annual ritual of formal rush. So many 
names and faces and memories and, 
worst of all, decisions ! Then comes 
the moment when the bids are released, 
and emotions take over again--for some, 
disappointment; but for many others, 
happiness and satisfaction in having 
forged a new bond of friendship and 


Union programs show diver sib 

Spotlighting creativity and providing 
programming for the student body are 
the jobs of the seven committees of 
the Bishops Memorial Union, directed 
by Ms. Jaime Gray. 

The Coffeehouse Committee spon- 
sored the annual Jalapeno Eating/Root 
Beer Chugging Contest, entertainment 
by campus singers, a performance by 
the Not Quite Ready for a Small Reli- 
gious School Players, and a Poetry 
Fest (opposite, upper left). 

A selection of courses including 
backgammon, calligraphy and gourmet 
cooking was offered by the Free Univer- 
sity Committee. 

Poet NikkL Giovanni came to campus 
under the sponsorship of the Minorities 
Committee (opposite, upper right). 
The committee also held a Mexican 
Independence Day Dinner with a mari- 
achi band and brought several films, 
including "Imitation of Life". 

The Entertainment Committee also 
kept the film projectors running with 
such cinematic classics as "It Hap- 

pened One Night", "The Magnificent 
Ambersons" and "Compulsion". 

A kite and Frisbee tournament and 
a water works day were some of the 
activities sponsored by the Outdoor 
Recreation Committee. 

Ideas and Issues Committee's 
programs included presentations 
concerning gay rights, South African 
politics and "The Forbidden Arts of 
Leningrad", described by a Russian 
dissident poet (opposite, lower right). 

Spot Programs Committee provided 
a "Disco While You Eat" evening and 
cartoon festivals. 

In addition to the individual commit- 
tees' programs, the Union as a whole 
was responsible for Casino Night (op- 
posite, lower left) on Parents' Week- 
end, and the Union Program Council 
arranged a Spring Fest featuring the 
music of Clarence "Gatemouth" 
Brown (below). 

La ■ 

Stalking the wild derby 

"Dear Mom: I just missed being 
Queen of the Mudpit. .. " 

Mom might not understand, unless 
she's been around for KA Derby Day 
to watch sorority pledges chase 
greased pigs, pour syrup on one 
another's foreheads and, of course, 
comb the campus in the search for 
the elusive derbies. 


Meetings fill busy schedules 

Who plans the calendar for the year? 
Who deals with matters from drop dates 
to discipline cases? Who recommends, 
rearranges, resolves and repeals? 

It's that omnipresent entity known as 
The Committee that settles such mat- 
ters for us. The jumble of names and 

the alphabet soup of abbreviations rep- 
resent the people who give their time 
and effort to make the decision^ that 
keep the University running- Faculty, 
students and administrators take on 
the task of decision-making and plan- 
ning for the community as a v hole 
Sometimes the committees themselves 
are invisible --but things wouldn't get 
done without them. 

(Left) Student Senate president George 
Young and secretary Darlene Evans 
preside over a weekly Senate meeting. 

(Below) Julie Crain, Mark McPhail, 
Linda Phillips, Karl Scholl and Dean 
Ben Oliver in a Community Life Coun- 
cil (CLC) meeting. 


Only on Parents' Weekend: 

Each spring, parents are invited to 
visit Southwestern as guests of honor 
on Parents' Weekend. At the Honors 
Assembly, they have the opportunity to 
see outstanding students recognized for 
their accomplishments. At an informal 
coffee with the faculty, parents are able 
to meet professors. And at Casino 
Night, Southwestern Simoleons are the 
medium of exchange as participants 
try their hands at games of chance. 

(Right) Marlon Ross receives congratu- 
lations from Dr. Weldon Crowley for 
his award as the most outstanding student 
in the Humanities Division. 

(Below) A hot card game goes on as 
part of Casino Night. 


Visitors, honors, and gambling, too 

(Upper left) More "card sharks" try 
their luck at Casino Night. 

(Lower left) Dr. Walter Herbert 
recognizes Marlene Escamilla as the 
English department's outstanding 
senior . 

(Below) Dr. Suk-soon Suh visits with 
parents in the SUB. 

(Below right) Dealer Pete Sessions 
runs a blackjack table. 


Pomp, circumstance— 

May 7 was the day when nearly 100 
Southwestern students, the class of 
1978, became alumni. Behind the 
ceremonial business of graduation 
were mingled feelings of pride, sad- 
ness, joy, anticipation of the future, 
and, for many, a feeling of relief 
at reaching the end of four years' work. 

(Right) Carrying the University's 
new mace, Dr. Angus Springer leads 
the faculty processional into the theatre 
for commencement ceremonies. 

(Below) Marlon Ross, Bachelor of ' 
Arts summa cum laude, with his 
parents . 

(Opposite, upper left) President 
Fleming awards Minnie Johnson her 
diploma . 

(Opposite, lower left) Debbie Reed 
and Karen Lambert share a happy 
moment together after the awarding of 
degrees . 

(Opposite, right) Dr. Springer offers 
last-minute instructions to graduation 
candidates before the processional. 


and relief (spelled graduation) 


"Brown" funds enhance Southwestern 

The Brown Foundation of Houston 
continued to contribute to the univer- 
sity this year, and a new program 
was added through Brown Founda- 
tion funds. 

The Brown Scholars program 
was implemented as six students 
were designated as "Brown Scholars", 
to receive scholarships beginning 
next year. 

The first recipients include Joe 
Cross, Maralee Buttery, Judy An- 
thony and Matthew Daude, as well 
as two freshmen planning to enter 
Southwestern in the fall of 1978. 

The Brown Challenge in 1977 met 
and topped its goal for the second 
consecutive year in the twenty-year 
matching grant program. Students, 
faculty, alumni and friends of the 
university donated to the drive. 

The first students selected as Brown 
Scholars include Judy Anthony, Matthew 
Daude, Maralee Buttery and Joe Cross. 


•■• V*. , 


»V \-. V ' I fc V s i 


v ' 


'V.' • . ' » c. 

us A 



. V ■ ■ 


- •«* 


- *" - ^•* k ^. 





4 X 





. lag 

«r." ."* **■ *. • 


* ' 

#* 1 " " ^*" 

;«t - " « ~ - 


uc^ - 

Alpha Delta Pi 


Row 1: Patrice Matthews, Amy Parker, 
Karen Thompson, Kathleen Slaughter, 
Grace Bernhardt, Katie Sherrod, Ginger 
Jones, Monica Minor, Catherine Neely, 
Karen Campbell. 

Row 2: Liz Heuschkell, Judy Schmoeller, 
Sharon Tittle, Holly Hardy, Debby Jones, 
Maria Jaramillo, Virginia Henderson, 
Regina Knorpp, Sarah Huffman, Marian 
White, Kerry Cole, Jamie Jones. 

Row 3: Janice Richmond, Cheryl 
McGahey, Tracy Farmer, Ruth Demanzuk, 

Carol Cleaver, Karen Bebee, Holly Hares, 
Constance Sheppard, Cynthia Turner, 
Lauri Brown. 

Row 4": Allison Pratt, Mary Ell McMil- 
lan, Paula Hammond, Melinda Johnston, 
Colleen Sullivan, Vivian Pollard, Carol- 
ine Shell. 

Not pictured: Cindy Bell, Alison Berry, 
Julie Crain, Leslie Kirby, Karen Littel, 
Nancy McAtee, Michelle NcGill, Mari- 
lyn McPhail. 


Delta Delta Delta 

Row 1: Liz Dubuis, 
Kathleen Hindman, Pam- 
ela Gebel, Donna Drake, 
Dianne Day, Leesa Hol- 
brook. Row 2: Cheryl 
ImMasche, Diane Rosen- 
blad, Karla Babcock. 
Row 3: Linda Phillips, 
Candace Hinson, Sally 
Victorin, Julie Schnepel, 
Amy Neves. Row 4: 
Debbie Reed, Catherine 
Barbo, Aubra Frazer, 
Viveca Crixell, Kay 
Wise. Row 5: Barbara 
Mandell, Danice PhillipL 
Carol Bender, Karen 
Lambert, Julie Shoup, 
Cathy Lynch. Row 6: 
Margaret Thompson, 
Lisa Clifton, Beth Hol- 
lingsworth, Lisa Schroff, 
Trisha Fulmer, Jennifer 
Field. Row 7: Nancy Ol- 
sen, Carolyn Abraham, 
Diana Dulany, Patti 
McDuffie, Angie Winslow, 
Pam Whitman. Row 8: 
Paula Key, Glenda Tomme, 
Michelle Moody, Mona 
McNeill, Lela Gardner, 
Kathy Black, Laurie 
Graef, Julia Bush. Row 9: 
Gayle Murphy, Robin 
Ewbank, Ann Bruns, Don- 
na Carter, Vicky Vander- 
Naillen. Row 10: Yvette 
Payne, Beverly Houghton, 
Laura Williams, Corinn 
Kay, Marie Cunningham. 
Not pictured: Jamie Farr, 
Laura Moffitt, Maureen 
Murta gh. 


Delta Zeta 

Seated: Sonia Alvarado, Laura Graff, 
Lorena Stancil, Carla Hawkins, Terri 
Flagg, Ann Earney, Diane Bailey, Kim 
Kennedy, Mary Beth Thomas, Cindy 
Newman, Debbie Mann, Becky Burk- 
hardt, Margaret Wilcox. 

Kneeling: Cindy Durett, Carol Sloan, 
Terri Hampton, Kara Wilson, Sheila 
Greene, Michele Mattke, Laura. Gris- 
ham, Barbara Galloway, Linda Sharpe, 
Jane Miller, Lynne Sandberg, Marsha 
Miori, Allison Louis. 

Standing: Darlene Evans, Beth Blanken- 
ship, Leah Sellers, Patty Woodfin, 
Dolores Malish, Bobbie Fisher, Candy 
Sisk, Beth Vandament, Beth Whitfield, 
Karol Sandberg, Marsha Russell, Bar- 
bara Binford, Lorna Van Cleave, Maur- 
een Goodnow, Maralee Buttery. 

Not pictured: Brenda Morris, Dianne 
Holley, Liz Burkhalter, Lisa McCord, 
Elise Greene, Marsha Raboine. 


Phi Mu 

Row 1: Debbie Wiemers, Valerie 
Casselli, Cindy Willard, Jan Oliver. 

Row 2: Colleen Ozan, Jamie Brechin, 
Valery Low, Carol O'Connell, Wren 
Gray, Laura Kofman. 

Not pictured: Debbie Berkey. 


Zeta Tail Alpha 

Row 1: Mary Weller, Andi Schermer- Row 3: James McCord, Brooke Stroud, 
horn, Leslie Ansley, Kim Spracklen, PattiFidler, Kathy Steer, Carol Hart- 
Tracy Strane, Nancy Harrington, Lisa wig, Jimmy Duffield, Pa tty A insworth, 
Pelosi, Annie Arnold, Donna Johnson, Lezlie Moore, Greg Willis, Debbie Wil- 
Kathy Yates, Gwyn Tuttle, Jana Johnson, lems, Tanner Garth, Brent Baker, Don- 
Cary Nixon, Barbara Duke, Hope Phil- na Davis, Lisa Noteboom, Kris Hatch, 
lips, Missy Wickes. Bonnie Buckner . 

Row2: Sarah Tunnell, Nancy Preis, 
Sandy Nichols, Laura Logan, Kim 
Arrendell, Robin Atkinson, Lisa 
Arrendell, Sally Harris, Julie Williams, 
Sheri Belknap, Kim Cardiff, Susie 
Robertson, Judy Anthony, Kathleen 
Koenig, Joanie Graham, Ka thy R ow land, 
Susan Anthony, Donna Bryant. 

Not pictured: Liz Farnsworth, Shari 
Heacock, Liz Hedley, Laura Lancaster, 
Cissy McCrary, Virginia Pate, T. Phil- 
lips, Kyle Babick, Bill Curtis, Gary 
Querbach, Les Russell. 


Panhellenic Council 

Row 1: Wren Gray, 
Shari Heacock, Bren- 
da Morris, Mona 
McNeil, Caroline 

Row 2: Jaime Bre- 
chin, Patty Woodfin, 
Barbara Mandell, 
Janice Richmond. 

Inter- Fraternity Council 

Greg Gibson, Tim Kiker, Jim Ivers, 
Steve McGrede. 


Kappa Alpha Order 

Sitting: Robert Hewitt, Jody McCord, 
Mark McKim, Tom Sloan, Chris Gil- 
more, Ronnie Sherouse, Scott McNeill. 

Front, standing: Robert Heydenreich, 
Steve McGrede, Jerry Birkelbach, Char- 
lie Guidry, Alan Wimmer. 

Kneeling: Rex Preis, Joe Osment, Back, standing: Chris Wilson, George 

David Stanley, Dwight Dowell, Brad Jones, Mike Rhoden, Randy Fadrique, 

McCampbell, Bennett Morgan, J. P Reed Otis Clarkson, Paul Irwin, Jack Degrand, 

and Casey, Brooke Stroud, Mike Moffitt, 
James McCord, Jimmy Johnston, Larry 
Loden, Wayne Bissett, Jack Green. 

Rett Dalton, Matt Worley, Neil Harris, 
Mike Wilkerson, Cullum Thompson, 
Eric Hanson, Rick Schroff, Clay Cornett, 
Jerry Pate, Bryan Russ, Larry Cotten, 
Mike Schroeder, Scott Flournoy, Greg 
Willis and Ugly. 


Kappa Sigma 

Kappa Sigma Starduster s: 

Front: Karen Thompson, Debbie Wil- 
lems, Jerri Duddlesten. 

Center: Lin Lovett, Leta Garth, 
Nancy McAtee, Andrea Holt, Robin 

Back: Karis Fagan, Ann Skinner, 
Cindy Bell, Laura Lancaster. 

Bottom row: Mark McPhail, Ben 
Orgain, Bill Curtis, Tanner Garth, 
John Sonnenberg, Blake Stanford, 
Eric Reynolds, Bart Koontz. 

Top row: Chuck Norris, Mitch 
Brownlee, Matt Gilmore, Ray 

Worsham, Jim Ivers, Rod Bailey, 
Scott Han, Price Blalock. 

Not pictured: Dan Middlebrooks, 
Craig Grayum, Bill Bender 


Phi Delta Theta 

Front: Mike Floyd, Jay Andrus, Mike 
Slauter, Keith Boone, Greg Lang, Steve 
Lozano, David Carpenter, Albert McCul- 
lin, Ja y Smith. 


Rear: Mike Minick, Mark Waggoner, 
Jim McCallin, Danny Deaver, Jon 
Dixon, Kevin Dice, Randy Stamp, Bill 
Coers, John Dieck, Howard Moore, 
Steve Harris, Ken Baker, Andy Shelton, 
Mike Ellis, Keith Sells. 


Pi Kappa Alpha 

Front: Steve Cragg, Pete Sessions, 
Robert Schoen, Mitch Hankins, Bob 
Brockett, Eric Smith, Phil Bullard, 
Cal Rentfro. 

Row 2: Doug Foxworth, Joe Cross, 
Steve Lufburrow, Tim Crouch, Gary 
Querbach, Tim Kiker, James Michael, 
George McDaniel, Roger Mitchell. 

Row 3: Bob Thomas, Robin Clearman, 
George Young, Andy Smith, Mark Ses- 
sions, Lynn Hurst, Jeff Zweiner, Allan 
Price, Charlie Qualia, Dan Darby, Craig 
Cates, Wallace Livesay, Neil Kirkpat- 
rick, Kyle Babick. 

Row 4: Mark Wood, Bill Williams, Don 
Smith, Lowell Johnson, Tom Schlenker, 
David Munson, Mark Danheim, Barry 
Nash, Tom Doud, Kenneth Rossy, Steve 
Robertson, Steve Pontiff, Gary Shipp, 
John Young, Bill Kirk, Mike Cunning- 
ham, Frank Stowers, Patrick Loring, 
Chip Brooks. 

Row 5: David Eimann, Gene Brown, 
John Zweiner, Gary Knight. 

Row 6: Mike Stanley, John Wayland, 
Dan Dalton, Jarre Sharp, Ken Browne, 
Bill Edmonds, Nathan Jones. 


Little Sisters 

Front: Carla Hawkins, Liz Dubuis, 
Mary Weller, Karen Lambert, Susan 
Anthony, Candace Hinson, Sheila Greene, 
Kathleen Hindman. 

Standing: Cathy Lynch, Julie Schnepel, 
Marilyn McPhail, Leigh Ponsford, Kath- 
leen Koenig, Aubra Frazer, Joanie 
Graham, Leesa Holbrook, Karla Bab- 
cock, Diane Rosenblad, Beverly Hough- 
ton, Amy Parker, Ruth Demanzuk, 
Elizabeth Knight, Vivian Pollard. 


Black Organization for Social Survival 

Front: Patricia Webb, Pat Burgess, Jaime Gray. 

Center: Allen Scott, Jimmy Duffield, Joshua Hearne, Herbert 
Johnson . 

Rear: Charles Boateng, Alberta Hubbard, Rose Kemp, Sheila 
Sells, Sheila Johnson, James Flowers. 


Union Program Council 

Front: Roger Neely, Marlon 


Second row: Jaime Gray, 

director; Shirley Tatum, 

Yvette Bricker, Wren Gray, 

Russell Dilts. 

Third row: Carol Bennett, 

Linda Phillips. 


Union Committees 

(Left to right) Mona Sells, Sheila Sells, Minnie Johnson, Shirley Tatum (chairperson), 
Alberta Hubbard, Patricia Webb. 




(At piano) David Enoch 

(On piano) Yvette Bricker, committee co-chairperson 

Robin Clearman, Hal Peacock, Chris Salmon, Randy Burt, Yuki Morris 

Not Pictured: Outdoor Recreation 
Ideas and Issues 
Spot Programs 
Free University 


Alpha Chi 

Front: Candice Yeary, Becky Burk- 
hardt, Susan Tillman, Karis Fagan, 
Jerry McKinney. 

Standing: Maralee Battery, Ruth 
Demanzuk, Sharon Marquis, Colleen 
Sullivan, Peggy Downing, Jeff Zweiner, 
Julie Schnepel, Richard Shepherd, 
Charlotte Gates, Raymond Khouw, 
Marsha Raboine, John Dieck, Eric 
Smith, Dustin James, Mark Dawson, 
Barry Na sh. 


Cardinal Key 

Blue Key 

Front: Beth Ann Huffman, Debby 
Jones, Candace Hinson, Karla Babcock. 

Rear: Charlotte Gates, Kay Webb, 
Wren Gray, Beverly Houghton. 

Not pictured: Julie Crain, Maralee 
Buttery, Stephanie Dory, Marlene 
Escamilla, Ann Skinner, Barbara 
Prats, Debbie Berkey, Kathy Boehning, 
Cathy Carleton, Debbie Willems, Tere 
Myers, Connie Casad, Lela Gardner, 
Terri Flagg, Bobbie Fisher, Elise 
Greene, Carla Hawkins. 

Front: Bob Brockett, Steve Cragg. 

Second row: Gary Querbach, Mark 
Sessions, Wallace Livesay, Glenn 
Adams . 

Third row: Paul Irwin, Andy Smith, 
Robert Schoen, George Young, Roger 

Fourth row: Mitch Hankins, Joe Cross, 
Jim Edgar, Mike Stanley. 


Pi Delta Phi 

Seated: Annie Arnold, Laura Graff, Dr. Regine Reynolds, Chris Salmon 
Standing: Kay Webb, Andi Holt. 



~ v - * - -„^ J . _ ~ -* * ,_•*»»** _,/ to i* , 

.,..**!vW"V- ■.' -^w ■ 

Front: Beverly Houghton, Jovita 
Belmar, Maureen Murtagh. 

Rear: Kyle Babick, Lisa Pelosi, 
Roy Luepnitz, Candice Yeary, Kristi 
Moses, Kathy Steer. 



Epsilon Delta 

On Ladder: Kelly Smith, 
Denise Brouillette, Mary 
Macina, Anne Sheffield, 
Bunny Fisher, Re Simmons. 

Below: Steve Truitt, Beth 
Ann Huffman, Charlotte Gates. 
Barry Nash, Tek Wilson, Dr. 
Angus Springer. 


Mask & Wig Players 




■ • u 

Front: MaryMacina, Barry- Nash, Charlotte Gates, Bunny Fisher, 
Pattye DeDear, Dr. Angus Springer, Kelly Smith 

Center: Denise Brouillette, Becky Osborne, Naomi Garcia, Diana 
Dulany, Carol Cleaver, Holly Hares, Stephanie Dory, Tek Wilson, 
Paul Marshall, Beth Ann Huffman, Ken Wilson. 

Rear: Mitch Hankins, Miles Varner, John Davis, Mr. Fred Goodson, 
Tim Crouch, Anne Sheffield, Re Simmons, Danice Phillipi, Wallace 
Hines, Steve Truitt, Jeff Osborn. 


S. U. Band 


April Evans 
Patricia Fulmer 
Mark Danheim 
Karol Sandberg 
Lisa Schroff 
Lorna Van Cleave 

E-Flat Clarinet 

Debbie Feller 

B-Flat Clarinet 

Brenda Dressier 
Allen Ja ckson 
Colleen Ozan 
Charla Patton 
Lynne Sandberg 


Ba ssoon 

Sonia Alvarado 

Alto Clarinet 

Kassy Reese 

Bass Clarinet 

Marsha Craig 

Alto Saxophone 

Brenda Morris 
Jeff Peters 

Tenor Saxophone 

Brian Todd 

T rumpet 

Samuel Blanco 
Walt Cleveland 
Leslie Huff 
Dustin James 
Phyllis Kurtin 
Lance Renfrew 
Lorena Stancil 

French Horn 

Rebecca Burkhardt 
Patti Fidler 
Shirley Tatum 

T rombone 

Ja ck Green 
Mark Munson 
Mark Piwetz 
Don Spellma n 

E uphonium 

Kenneth Browne 
Amy Spellmann 


Aaron Lewis 
Tim Scholl 
Cliff Valley 


Phil Bullard 
Mark Dawson 
David Eimann 
Ronnie Reed 

Gustavo Oroza 
Melissa Wickes 

Dr. George E. Nelson, Conductor 


Stage Band 

Front: Ken Browne, Tim Scholl, 
Phil Bullard, Becky Burkhardt, Chris 
Mathers, Jeff Peters, Brenda Morris, 
Brian Todd, Rick Schroff. 

Rear: Lorena Stancil, Les Huff, 
Dustin James, Lance Renfrew, Mark 
Munson, Don Spellman, Aaron Lewis, 
Mark Piwetz, Jack Green. 



Violin I 

Thomas Douglass 
Araa nda Villaret 
Bob Brockett 
Doris Penick 
Elizabeth Brown 

Violin II 

Cynthia Vega 
James Flowers 
Carol Sloan 
Lori Wimmer 
K. Richelle Keene 


Charlotte Reed 
Janice Doughty 
Danny Knox 

Clar inet 

Brenda Dressier 
Marsha Craig 
Charla. Patton 
Allen Jackson 


Sonia Alvarado 
Peggy Downing 

French Horn 

Becky Burkhardt 
Tom Heard 
Patti Fidler 


Lance Renfrew 
Lorena Stancil 
Phyllis Kurtin 

Raymond Schroeder, Conductor 


Delta Holl 
Sharon Marquis 
Lois Jean Forswall 
Christine Schuller 
Beverly Harrison 

S tring Ba ss 

Victor Valda 
Brian Peacock 


Patricia Fulmer 
Mark Danheim 
Lorna Van Cleave 


Gustavo Oroza 
Melissa Wickes 


Mark Munson 
Mark Piwetz 
Ja ck Green 


Aaron Lewis 


Lynne Sandberg 


Walt Cleveland 
Rebecca Vardimar 
Melanie Reilly 
Julie Schnepel 

Pia no 

Julie Schnepel 


S.U. Singers 

Front: Alberta Hubbard, Dolores 
Malish, Melanie Rielly, Barbara Huser, 
Margaret Wilcox, Cindy Fuessel, 
Carol Sloan, Lori Wimmer, Judy Car- 
ter, Carla Hawkins, Terri Hampton, 
Elizabeth Knight, Laurie Graef, 
Michelle Moody, Mary Jean Wilson, 
Gayle Murphy, Beth Gentry, Judy 
Anthony, Donna Bryant, Anna Damiani, 
R obin Atkinson. 

Center: Belinda King, Gena Antill, 
Vicki Pierce, Cathy Lynch, Stephanie 
Eckert, Lacey Charlton, Rebecca 

Rear: Lorna Van Cleave, Jenny 
Pelton, Robert Barton, Tim Scholl, 
Joe Graves, Ken Browne, Lee Davis, 
Neil Kirkpatrick, Don Spellmann, Jim 
Rulla, John Wayland, Jack Green, 
Kay Wise. 




Front: Ed Fitzpatrick, Cynthia 
Rogers, Matthew Daude, Stephanie 
Dory, Mike Houston, Karen Lambert, 
Tanya Fairburn, Kendall Smith, Terri 

Second row: Dennis Gilmore, Bob 
Brockett, Constance Sheppard, Dan 
Dalton, Randi Muenzler, Clarice 
Chilton, Frank Stowers, Pat Fulkes, 
Carla Hawkins. 

Third row: Tim Scholl, Jamie Peter- 
son, Bobbie Fisher , Cheryl McGahey, 
David Munson, Nathan Jones, Miles 
Varner, Debbie Reed, Garry Cade, 
Naomi Garcia, Julie Schnepel. 




Top: Ed Fitzpatrick, Lela Gardner, 
Larry Cotten, Sally Harris, Andy 
Smith, Patty Woodfin, Jeff Zweiner, 
Stephanie Dory. 

Bottom: Jarre Sharp, Debbie Reed, 
Mike Stanley, Jamie Peterson, Tim 
Scholl, Danice Phillippi, Miles Var- 
ner, Walt Cleveland, Ms. Barbara 
Thomas, Les Huff. 



Opera Theatre 

Ed Fitzpatrick, Dennis Gilmore, Tanya 
Fairburn, Stephanie Dory, Larry Cotten, 
Andy Smith, Karen Lambert, Mr. Fred 
Goodson, Ms. Barbara Thomas, Ms.' 
Pam Rossman. 

"Cosi FanTutti 



Delta Omicron 



(Front) Melanie Rielly, Judy Carter, Bunny Fisher, Amanda Villaret, Rebecca 
Burkhardt, Lorna Van Cleave, Clarice Chilton, Vicki Pierce. 

(Rear) Charlotte Reed, Karen Ellis, Pat Fulkes, Cindy Fuessel, Tanya Fair- 
burn, Yvette Bricker, Stephanie Dory. 


Mu Psi Chi 

(Front) Walt Cleveland, Leslie Davis, James Flowers, Frank Stowers, Kenneth 
Browne, Brian Todd. 

(Center) Garry Cude, David Munson, Ed Fitzpatrick, Aaron Lewis, Mark Piwetz, 
Mark Danheim, Allen Jackson 

(Rear) Mike Stanley, Bob Brockett, Gustavo Oroza, Phil Bullard, Dennis Gilmore, 
Cliff Valley, Michael Houston 


House Councils 


Front: Kaye Abbott, Aubra Frazer, 
Laura Williams, Michelle Moody, 
Shari Heacock. 

Standing: Pam Whitman, Sue Pfaeffle, 
Darlene Perkins, Yvette Bricker, Cyn- 
thia Washington, Mindy Martin, Kim 
Spracklen, Patrice Mathews, Linda 
Phillips, Ann Worthing, Christy Mc- 
Leod, Carolyn Abraham, Missi 

Not pictured: Ruter and Kurth House Councils 

Moody- Shearn / Herman Brown 

Seated: Cliff Valley, DanDalton, Joe Pool, Tom Williamson, 
Toni Morris, Tom Schlenker. 
Standing: Ken Pruett, Nathan Jones 



International House 

Front: Jim Oliver, Jovita Belmar, Jorge Matias. 

Rear: Edward Kwan, Peggy Downing, Chris Salmon, Jim Rulla, Bonnie 

Buckley (director), Shannon Jo Buckley-Shaklee, Steve Truitt, Linda 



Sneed House 

Front: Leah Larson, Lori Wimmer, Colleen Ozan, Jean Nees, Sharon 

Marquis, Debbie Wiemers, Susan Tillman. 

Second row: Regina Knorpp, Susan Fitch, Karen Ellis, Kristi Moses, 

Kathy Boehning. 

Third row: Lisa Chavez, Sharon Horn, Diane Havelka, Laura Dawson, 

Rebecca. Vardiman. 


i Gamma Mu 

Front: Monica Minor, Jim McNutt, 
Susan Anthony, Kay Webb. 

Rear: Tom Williamson, Dr. Leonard 
Giesecke, Sue Harton, Maralee Buttery, 
Catherine Neely. 

Student National Education Association 

(No photo available) 

Officers : 

President: Suzanne Cason 
Vice-President: Patricia Webb 
Secretary-Treasurer: Mary Beth Thomas 
Membership Chairperson: Kimberley Brown 
Publication Distributor: Bonnie Blakney 


Southwestern Science Society 


(Front) Keith Hall, Richard Shepherd, Peggy Downing, Karis Fagan, Kathy 
Boehning, Susan Tillman, Dr. Ed Lansford, Craig Zook, Dr. Horace Jacob. 

(Standing) Dr. Fred Hilgeman, Robert Shepherd, Tom Talbert, Jeff Stoltenberg, 
Mark Dawson, Greg Willis, Dustin James, Dr. Eb Girvin, John Dieck, Bill Kirk, 
Dr. Don Deeds . 


Association of Women Students 

(Left to right) Ann Worthing; Kaye Abbott (sponsor); Chris Salmon; 
Kimberley Brown 


Political Science Society 

Officers: (Left to right) Pete Sessions; Dr. Suk-soon Suh (sponsor); 
Maralee Battery; David Simmons 


Pre- Law Society 

(No photo available) 
Officers : 

President- -Glenn Adams 
Vice- pres ident- - Cher yl McGahey 
Secreta ry- -Maralee Buttery- 
Sponsor: Dr. Joe Colwell 


Student Senate 

Front: Maralee Buttery, Susan Rob- 
ertson, Sarah Tunnell, Yvette Bricker, 
Chris Salmon. 

Second row: Alberta Hubbard, Janice 
Richmond, Karen Lambert, Carolyn 
Abraham, Julia Bush, Darlene Evans 

Third row: George Young (president). 
Pete Sessions, Tim Kiker (treasurer), 
Mike Schmid, Mark Wisdom, David 
Munson, Jim Edgar, Neil Kirkpatrick, 
David Simmons. 


Student Judiciary 

Front: Kenneth Rossy, Kathy Black, 
Rett Dalton, Lisa Schroff. 

Second row: Ken Baker, Brent Baker, 
Beverly Houghton, Ken Pruett. 

Third row: Henry Guevara, Karl 
Scholl, Minnie Johnson, Mark McPhail. 


The Megaphone 


Marlon Ross, Editor 
(Fall 1977) 

Re Simmons, Editor 
(Spring 1978) 

Southwestern Magazine 

Mary Macina, Editor 

* m 



Sou'wester Staff 

Kyle Babick, photo editor; Mike Deeds, 
sports; Celia Sexton, classes and photog- 
rapher; Vivian Pollard, organizations; 
Diane Bailey, seniors; Kay Webb, editor. 

Not pictured: 
Jean Nees, honors 
Deborah Barr, photographer 
Roger Mitchell, photographer 
Karen Bumpus, faculty 
Ginger Jones, organizations 
Price Blalock, photographer 
Jay Andrus, organizations 
Mrs. Carol Treible, sponsor 

Who's Who Among Students in 
American Universities 
and Colleges 

Keith Hall 

' V ■'■■■'■ * . *■•-■ ■■ T> ■■'•"■ '-■ .-■ i •■ ■ -.. i •• 


Larry Koslovsky 

**•*>* - • 


W VA * 

Julie Crain 


%$4j£**A*i-*m^ : 


^rrrilillr ; 


Kay Webb 

Stuart Whitlow 


Mary Macina 

Beverly Houghton 
Steve Cragg 


Karla Babcock 

Marlon Ross 


Tere Myers 

Tanya Fairburn 


Debbie Willems 

Bob Brocket! 


Karis Fagan Marlene Escamilla 


4 i 

Eric Smith 

Robert Schoen 


Not Pictured : Connie Casad 

Dennis Minks 
Mary Stump 

Dorothy Caldwell 


Sou'wester Superlatives 

Fine Arts 
Stephanie Dory 
Gustavo Oroza 

Student Government 
George Young 


Academic Achievement 

Charlotte Gates 

Jeff Stoltenberg 









Student Life 
Karl Scholl 

Student Union 
Carol Bennett 


:; « a 


M \ 

Janice Doughty 

Dustin James 


. - 

..;-■. *; 

■. > 

Top Row: Jimmy Duffield (Student 
Assistant), Steve Gibbs, Larry Chase, 
Phillip Sewell, Carl Belcher, Lester 
Hahn, Jeff Weaver, Dennis Minks (Stu- 
dent A ssistant). 

Bottom Row: Russell Stone (Manager), 
Herbert Coe, Jay Lewis, Kenny Whit- 
worth, Michael Thompson, Mark Car- 
roll, Jonathan Smith. Now Shown: 
Adrian Knapper. 


This year's basketball team was one 
of the best ever as they won fourteen 
of their first eighteen games, only to 
be stopped late in the season by deter- 
mined teams from St. Mary's and 
East Texas Baptist. Highlights this 
year included a 77-68 win over St. 
Mary's at Richardson Gym and several 
games of over one hundred points, as. 
well as the promise of an excellent 
team next year. 


Southwestern' s two big men proved 
to be prominent in the conference once 
again this year. Phillip Sewell was 
named All- Conference, while Carl 
Belcher was named All- Conference 
and All-District. 



Coach Edwards leaves Southwestern 

After coming to Southwestern in 
1975, Coach John Edwards was res- 
ponsible for bringing Southwestern 
basketball to a very respectable 
level in the Big State Conference. 
Daring the three years that Ed- 
wards was head coach of the Bucs, 
he had a record of 47/33, which 
indluded a victori over St. Mary's 
during his first year here when St. 
Mary's was ranked third in the na- 
tion. Edwards resigned in the 
spring of 1978 with the Bucs finish- 
ing third in the conference. 


m Bu^ind Pikes 
nowhere els i but Swesterni 

Top: Coach Glada Munt, Darlene 
Lewis, Tanya Nygrin, Mary Klar, 
Eugenia Lieberum, Debbie Hansen, 
Ann Cornish, Tracy Strane, Manager- 
Trainer Pam Pollock, Sports Informa- 

tion Director Merrily Musgrove. 

Bottom row: Risa Marshall, Sharon 
Eoff, Terri Gawlik, Lisa Pennington, 
Laura Dawson, Theresa Leigh, Loretta 







Bottom row: Tom Tourtellotte, Eric 
Perkins, Karl Scholl, Jim Rulla. 

Top row: Aubra Frazer, Valery Low, 
Leigh Ponsford, Andi Schermerhorn. 








Top: Pam Pollock (manager), Sharon 
Eoff, Terri Gawlik, Debbie Hansen, 
Mary Klar, Bonnie Blakney, Tracy 
Strane, Merrily Musgrove (sports 
information director), Coach Glada 

Bottom: Kim Cardiff, Janice Doughty, 
Melissa Hardberger, Tina LaFuente, 
Loretta Deason, Carol Sheffield. 

Captains: Melissa Hardberger, Tracy 


«jalH5 «sf«£ m-is 

The 1977-78 volleyball team ended 
their season with a 12- 16 record. 
They competed this year against such 
teams as the University of Texas, 
Baylor University and the defending 
national champions of Texas Lutheran 

Coach Glada Munt took the team to 
the Zone Tournament, where they 
defeated Trinity University and Texas 
A & I University to advance into the 
semifinals, only to lose to powerful 
University of Texas and SWTSU teams, 





Men's Tennis: Charles Guidry, Mike 
Moffitt, Raymond Khouw, David Sta nley, 
Carlton Odom, Coach Dan Hilliard. 


Women's Tennis: Coach Glada Munt, 
Laurie Graef, Kim Spracklen, Randi 
Muenzler, Sandy Nichols, Karen Bebee, 
(Not pictured:Julie Crain, Gwen Tattle, 
Tanya Nygrin. ) 




Coach Bill Merritt, Ricky Preston, 
Clay Cornett, Gary Hammac, Steve 
Doering, Brad McCampbell, Les 
Russell, Steve Wilkins. 




w mm*» m wammmim 


Front: Eric Rothert, Felipe Sanchez, 
Mark Zimmerhanzel, Ricky Gravens, 
Scott Terry, Merrill Bailey, Ted 
Williams, Bob Leonard, Brad Burrow. 

Second row: Bill Holder, Tim Reig, 
Mark Schieffer, Randy Schaefer, John 
Hasskarl, Bryan Neal, David Stiba, 

Arthur Felan, Mike Leonard, Kelvin 
Blank, Dale Sleppy. 

Third row: Coach Jim Mallon, 
John Kilgore, Joe Farr, Steve Klopp, 
Rick Tobolka, Alex Louis, Gerry Heit- 
man, David Cluck, David Puryear, James 
Limmer, Steve Ayers, Jim Johnson. 


: ..',"■' ~ ! "'- ' 








■ ■ "' ; ■: . 

t 1 

K B-ics and Pikes 1 
o r litStti slem 












This year's cheerleaders were 
once again the Bucs' biggest sup- 
porters as they contributed their 
time, energy and enthusiasm in an 
effort to raise the spirit of the stu- 
dent body. In defeat as well as in 
victory, the cheerleaders played a 
key role in keeping the spirit of the 
fans high. 

Chosen for the 1977-78 cheerlead- 
ing squad were Holly Hardy, Sally 
Harris, Shelia Johnson, Elizabeth 
Knight, Christy McLeod, Amy Neves 
Yvette Payne, Mona Sells, Sharon 
Tittle and Sally Victorin. 


'.-S a*.J5?.C^? 

» Mr 1 *-*'?? 

Seniors '77— '7S 

1 Glenn Arthur Adams- Houston 

B. B. A. in Marketing 

Ideas and Issues committee; Pi Kappa 
Alpha (corresponding secretary, exec- 
utive council, rush materials coord- 
inator); Blue Key (service projects 
chairman); Pre-Law association (pres- 
ident); Dean's List. 

2 Patricia Ann Ainsworth - Galveston 

B . S. in Biology 
Zeta Tau Alpha. 

Nancy Avery- Beeville 
B. S. in Elementary Education 

3 Karla Lynn Babcock - Lubbock 

B. S. in Elementary Education 
LK House Council (treasurer); Delta 
Delta Delta; Student Congress; SNEA 
(membership chairman); Pi Kappa 
Alpha Little Sister (Dream Girl 
nominee); Cardinal Key (secretary); 
Who's Who; Student Senate (secre- 
tary); Student Judiciary; PLUS Re- 
source Assistant; Resident Assis- 
tant; Sophomore Advisor; University 
Distinction List; Admissions Com- 

Mary Lauren Bade - Victoria 
B. F. A. in Art 

4 Brent Driskell Baker - Galveston 

B. B. A. in General Business 
Phi Delta Theta (president); Inter- 
Fraternity Council (president); Stu- 
dent Judiciary; Swim Team; Zeta 
Tau Alpha Big Brother. 
Thea Julian Benedict - Grapevine 
B. S. in Elementary Education 

5 Katherine Ann Boehning - Dallas 

B. S. in Biology 

Southwestern Science Society; Car- 
dinal Key; Student Senate; Sneed 
House Council; WRA, 

Charles Michael Borman - 
B. B. A. in General Business 

■ i 



6 Robert Findley Brockett - Austin 
B. M. in Music Education 
Blue Key; Mu Psi Chi (president); 
Who's Who; Pi Kappa Alpha; Sou'- 
wester Superlative; Representative 
to Fine Arts Faculty; Executive 
Committee on Admissions; Commun- 
ity Life Council; Student Fees Alloca- 
tion Committee; Sophomore Advisor; 
Resident Assistant; SNEA. 

Janann Denise Brouillette - Texarakana 
B. F. A. in Theatre 
Mask and Wig Players; Pi Epsilon 
Delta; Goosetree-Morgan Award. 

Robert Feagin Brown - 
B. S. in Physics 

Joe Elmer Buchanan - Bryan 
B. A. in Physical Education 
Basketball (All-Regional, All-Confer- 
ence, captain); BOSS; Omega Psi Phi. 

Robert Peter Buzzini 
B. A. in Religion 

Jimmie Charles Cain, Jr. - Thrall 
B. S. in Physical Education 

7 Dorothy Ann Caldwell - Alvin 

B. A. in Humanistic Psychology 

Dawn Rose Cardwell - Pleasanton 
B. F. A. in Theatre Education 

8 Catherine Rae Carleton 

9 Connie Casad - Dallas 

B. S. in Biology 

Delta Delta Delta (rush chairman, 
pledge trainer); Cheerleader; Kappa 
Alpha Little Sister; Southwestern 
Singers; Southwestern Science Soc- 
iety; Alpha Chi; Cardinal Key; Who 1 s 

Charles Ray Chapman - Temple 
B. S. in Physical Education 

Janice M. Johnson Childress - Killeen 
B.A. in Humanistic Psychology 

Harriet Ann Chapman - Midland 
B. A. S. in Allied Health Sciences 

Kenneth Lynn Chilson - Georgetown 
B. S. in Biology 

10 Karen Clegg - 

B. B. A. in General Business 

Mary Ellen Clifford - 
B. B. A in General Business 

11 Krisanne Cox - Andice 

B. S. in Physical Education 

12 Stephen Parker Cragg - Houston 

B. S. in Political Science 
Pi Kappa Alpha (chaplain, executive 
council, vice-president, president); 
Sophomore Advisor; Resident Assis- 
tant; Student Senate (parliamentarian, 
vice-president); Educational Affairs 
Commission (chairman); External 
Affairs Commission; Blue Key (pres- 
ident); Who's Who; Community Life 
Council; Liaison Committee to the 
Board of Trustees. 


\ f 


1 Julie Kerr Crain - Victoria 

B. S. in Elementary Education 

2 Garry Thomas Cude - Beeville 

B. M. E. in Music Education 
Chorale; Mu Psi Chi; Southwestern 
Singers; Chapel Choir; Alpha Chi; 
Young Life. 

3 Mark Clifton Dawson - The Woodlands 

B. S. in Biology and Math 
Southwestern Science Society; Alpha 
Chi; Freshman Honor Scholarship; 
Mask and Wig Players. 

Susan Kay Derrick - Goldthwaite 
B. B. A. in Economics 

Thomas Forrest Deviney - 
B. A. in Philosophy 

4 James Russell Dilts - Piano 

B. S. in Chemistry 

Student Senate; Student Union; Ideas 

and Issues (co-chairman); Board of 

Trustees Academic Affairs Liaison 

Committee; Food Service Committee 


Steven Lynn Doering - Georgetown 
B. S. in Physical Education 

Karen Elaine Douglass - Georgetown 
B. S. in Elementary Education 




An l\\oM Aaeness % for SoutUesfero 

5 Jimmy Lee Duffield - Houston 

B. A. in Physical Education 

6 Barbara Harding Duke - Austin 

B. A. in Political Science and Art 

7 James L Edgar - Edinburg 

B. F. A. in Studio Art 

Southwestern Singers; Extraordinaires; 
HB-MS House Council; Dean Search 
Committee; Traffic Control Commit- 
tee (chairman); President's Liaison 
Committee; Jones Liaison Committee; 
Liaison Committee to the Board of 
Trustees; Art Chairman Search Com- 
mittee; Student Welfare Commission; 
Student Senate; Blue Key; Chaplain's 
A ssistant. 



"■V-" ,: ■**,' • v/..v ^x,.; ; ' ..... ; :.— ; 

, ■ ■; , '-,'*..♦ wflsiP? ^SiL 

\* '" ^'"* '^IV'.'.a'WJ 9 


• . / ^.'. ' ',s -'^V..\ - 

' ; v.;;: V X; .'*$ M 

John Robb Edgecomb - Houston 
B. B. A. in Economics 

8 Patricia Carole Edwards - 

B. B.A. in General Business 

9 Mark Lacy Ellis - Crockett 

B. S. in Social Sciences in Poli. Sci. 

10 Michael Ellis - Crockett 

11 Thomas Michael Ellis - Houston 

B. S. in Biology 

12 Dorothy Marlene Escarnilla - Nashville 

B.A. in English 


1 Karis Mical Fagan - Houston 
B. S. in Chemistry and Biology- 
Southwestern Science Society (pres- 
ident); Alpha Chi (vice-president); 
Who's Who; Kappa Sigma Starduster; 
M. D. Anderson pre-med scholarship. 

I I 


4 Patricia Ann Fidler - Houston 

B. S. in Chemistry 
Jennifer Jan Field - Plainview 
B. A. in Christian Education 

5 Susan Robnett Fitch - Denton 

B. A . in History 

Phi Mu; Pi Delta Phi; Sneed House 

Council (secretary - treasurer); SNEA 

6 John Russel Fountain - Austin 

B. F. A. in Art 
Robert Maurice Fuller, Jr. - Waco 
B. S. in Physical Education 


2 Tanya Renee Fairburn - Georgetown 

B. M. in Music Education 
Southwestern Singers; Chorale; 
Extraordinaires; University Dis- 
tinction List; Opera Theatre; Semi- 
finalist in NATS; Alpha Chi; Delta 
Omicron (second vice-president); 
Who's Who. 

3 Joe Howard Farr - Austin 

B. B. A. in Accounting 
Baseball Team. 


7 Barbara Ruth Galloway - San Antonio 

B. S. in Religion 

Delta Zeta (best pledge - state, best 
active - state, state spirit award, 
best president - state, Panhellenic 
representative, president); South- 
western Singers; WRA (basketball 
All-Star, softball All-Star); AWS. 

8 Absalon Arevalo Gamez - Georgetown 

B . A . in Spanish 

Spanish Society (president). 

9 Charlotte Yvonne Gates - Georgetown 
B. F. A. in Theatre Education 
Mask and Wig Players; Pi Epsilon 
Delta; Alpha Chi; Cardinal Key; Dean 
Search Committee; Theatre Chair- 
man Search Committee; Orientation 
Leader; Dean's List; Secretary for 
Theatre Department. 

Raymond Redburn Gray - Corpus Christi 
B. A. in Political Science 

10 Craig Alan Grayum - Austin 

11 Elise Beecher Greene - San Antonio 

B. M. in Music Education 
Delta Zeta; Delta Omicron; South- 
western Distinction List; Southwes- 
tern Singers. 

12 Sheila Ann Greene - Midland 

B V S. in Elementary Education 
Delta Zeta; Pi Kappa Alpha Little 
Sister (Dream Girl nominee); WRA. 

1 Laura Wynn Grisham - Seguin 

B. S. in Business Education 

Delta Zeta (vice-president, pledge 

trainer); WRA. 

2 Keith Nelson Hall - Eden 

B. S. in Physics and Math 
Who's Who; Texas Academy of 
Science; Collegiate Academy; Alpha 
Chi; Dean Search Committee; South- 
western Science Society; Sophomore 
Advisor; Outstanding Freshman 
Chemistry Student. 

3 Mitchell Dale Hankins - Winnie 

B. A. in Political Science 
Pi Kappa Alpha; Student Congress; 
Liaison Committee; Orientation 
Leader; Sophomore Advisor; Resi- 
dent Assistant; Blue Key; Student 
Senate (treasurer); University Dis- 
tinction List; Poli Sci Society; Pre- 
Law Society; Mask and Wig Players. 

4 Eric Karl Hanson - Midland 

B. B. A. in General Business 

5 Byron Neil Harris - Dallas 

B. S. in Soc. Sc. in Sociology 

Diane Beth Henry - Porter 
B. A. in Latin and English 

William Edward Hickman 
B. B. A. in General Business 

6 Cynthia Carol Hill - Austin 

B. S. in Elementary Education 
Delta Delta Delta; Psi Chi; Univer- 
sity Distinction List. 

7 Kathleen Susan Hindman - 

B. S. in Elementary Education 

8 Leesa Kathryn Holbrook - Huntsville 

B. B. A. in General Business 

Lane Gary Holmstrom - 
B. S. in Elementary Education 


•■: ■-.' 

1 Beverly Lynn Houghton - Houston 
B. S. in Elementary Education 
Delta Delta Delta (president, social 
chairman, best active award, Sarah 
Ida Shaw award nominee); Cardinal 
Key (membership chairman); Pi 
Kappa Alpha Little Sister (vice- 
president); Community Life Council; 
Student Organizations Committee; 
Student Senate; Student Judiciary 
(secretary); Discipline Committee 
(secretary); Who's Who; Sophomore 
Advisor; Resident Assistant; Orien- 
tation Leader; SNEA. 

2 William Brooks House - Austin 

B. A. in Biology 

Alpha Chi; Southwestern Science 

Society; University Distinction List. 

3 Michael Houston 

Betze Bellamy Hudson - Marshall 
B. B. A. in General Business 

4 Elizabeth Ann Huffman - Austin 
B. F. A. in Theatre 

Phi Mu Alum; Cardinal Key; National 
Collegiate Players; Mask and Wig 
Players; Dean Search Committee. 

Sarah Elizabeth Huffman - Waco 
B. S. in Elementary Education 

Henrietta Hardy Huisking - 
B. S. in Elementary Education 

5 Darrell Davis Hurmis - Dallas 

B. B. A in General Business 

George Lawrence Jackson - Port Arthur 
B. S. in Physics 

6 Minnie Nell Johnson - Cameron 

B. B. A. in General Business 
Cheerleader (captain); BOSS; Delta 
Omicron; Student Judiciary; Student 
Senate; LK House Council; Resident 
Assistant; Religious Life Committee; 
Alumni Board; SPOT Committee; 
Minorities Committee; Union Gov- 
erning Board; WRA. 

7 Nathan Johnson - Galveston 

B. M. E. in Music Education 

David Colensworth Jones - Houston 
B. A. in History 

8 Debora Dawn Jones - Georgetown 

B. A. in English 

Mask and Wig Players; Alpha Delta 
Pi (vice- president /pledge- trainer, 
rush chairperson); LK House Coun- 
cil (secretary); Humanities Repre- 
sentative; Cardinal Key; Resident 
Assistant; AWS; WRA. 

Richard Wayne Kalmbach - Houston 
B. B. A. in General Business 

9 Rose Marie Kemp - Houston 

B. A. in Humanistic Psychology 
BOSS; Community Life Council; 
President's Advisory Committee; 
Sou'wester Superlative; Resident 

10 Raymond Sin Kie Khouw - Dallas 
B. S. in Biology 

Carrie Lynn Kirby - Houston 
B. S. in Art Education 

Linda Faye Brady Kirton - 
B. S. in Elementary Education 

Mark Enos Kishego II - 
B. A. in Sociology 

1 Stephen Kent Klopp - Austin 
B. B. A. in Economics 
Southwestern Baseball Association 
(3 year letterman, 2 year All-Dist- 
rict, 2 year All-Area, 1 year All- 

Larry Wayne Koslovsky - Temple 
B. A. in Religion and Humanistic 

Sarah Dean Anderson Koslovsky - 

B. A. in Sociology 
Alpha Chi. 

Edward Wing-Keong Kwan - 
Penage, Malaysia 
B. S. in Biology 

Laura Lancaster - Georgetown 
B. A. in Sociology 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Kappa Sigma Star- 
duster; WRA; AWS. 

Ruby Latham - Gatesville 
B. S. in Education 

George Fillmore Law - 
B. S. in Education 

2 Cherrie Leggett 

B. S. in Elementary Education 


Laurie Dell Lentz- Georgetown 
B. A. in English 

Alpha Chi; Quarter System Commit- 
tee (secretary); Humanities Division; 
Baptist Student Union. 

David Herbert Lester - Harlingen 
B. S. in Psychology 

Sally Darlene Reed Lewis - 
B. S. in Education in P, E. 

John Hugh Liedtke III - Houston 
B. A. in Sociology 

3 Janiece Marie Loudon - 

B. S. in Physical Education 

Madeline Jane Lovett - San Benito 
B. S. in Elementary Education 

4 Lasses Lorene Lowery - San Antonio 
B. A. in Psychology 

Alpha Delta Pi (recording 'secretary, 
assistant treasurer). 

5 Mary Elizabeth Macina - Midland 
B. F. A. in Theatre Education 

6 Neil Mann - Fort Worth 

B. B. A. in General Business 
Student Judiciary; Orientation Leader; 
Elections Board (chairman); Pi Kappa 

William Ernest Mattison, Jr. 
B. B. A. in General Business 


7 Michele Renee Mattke - Seguin 

B. S. in Elementary Education 
Delta Zeta (historian, philanthropy 
chairman); SUPER; WRA; AWS. 

8 James Richard McCord, Jr.- Beeville 

B. S. in Social Sciences 

PLUS Resource Assistant; Psi Chi; 

(president); Kappa Alpha Order. 


Martha Elizabeth McCuistion - 
B. F. A. in Art 

Albert Willis McCullin III - Cameron 
B. A. in Philosophy 

Michael Gerard Minks - "Waller 
B. S. in Education 
Basketball (letterman, All-Conference) 
Orientation Leader; SUPER; Fellowship 
of Christian Athletes. 

Pamela Kean McKay - 
B.A. in Humanistic Psychology 

1 Marilyn McPhail - Houston 

B. S. in Elementary Education 

2 Mark Wesley Meyer - Hebbronville 

B. B. A. in General Business 

Mark Todd Middlebrooks - Dallas 
B.A. in Humanistic Psychology 

James Walter Miller - Waco 
B. S. in Physical Education 

George Henry Minchew - 
B. A. in History 

3 Michael Minick 

Dennis Wayne Minks - Waller 
B. S. in P. E. and English 
Blue Key (recorder); SUPER (vice- 
president); Resident Assistant; Fel- 
lowship of Christian Athletes; Divi- 
sion of Social Sciences; Basketball; 
University Distinction List: Student 
Texas State Teachers Association. 

4 Marsha Lynn Miori - Wharton 
B.M. in Music Education 
Delta Zeta (ruch chairman, social 
chairman); Delta Omicron; Southwes- 
tern Singers; Chapel Choir; Opera 
Theatre; Tennis Team; WRA; AWS; 
NATS competition. 

Geoffrey Andrew Mounsour- Galveston 
B. B. A. in Economics 

Linda Marie Moore 
B. F. A. in Art 


Lezlie Susan Moore - San Antonio 
B.S. in Political Science 
Zeta Tau Alpha (vice-president, house 
manager); cheerleader; Political 
Science Society. 

5 Toni Gail Morris - Fort Worth 

B. S. in Chemistry 
LK House Council; HB- MS House 
Council; Outdoor Recreation Com- 

6 Meredith Layne Moses - Denton 

B. B. A. in Accounting 

Sneed House Council; Pi Gamma Mu; 

AWS; Faculty Search Committee. 


riflT w 

Teresa Myers - Texarkana 
B. F. A. in Theatre Education 
Zeta Tau Alpha; Alpha Chi; Cardinal 
Key (secretary); Pi Epsilon Delta; 
Goosetree-Morgan Award; Who's Who; 
Mask and Wig Players. 

7 Roger Thomas Neely - Fort Worth 
B. A. in History and Philosophy 
Student Union (president); Entertain- 
ment Committee (chairman); Ideas 
and Issues Committee; Blue Key; 
Student Senate; Student Government 
Executive Council; Discipline Com- 
mittee; Community Life Council; 
Humanities Division; Sou'wester 

Mark William Nelson - Corpus Christi 
B. A. in Political Science and History 
Political Science Society (president, 
secretary); Pre-Law Society (pres- 
ident); Dean Search Committee; 
Social Science Representative; Pi 
Gamma Mu (secretary); Phi Mu Big 
Brother; Tennis Team Manager; 
Alpha Chi; Student Fees Allocation 
Committee; First place in Annie Bar- 
cus Minga Speech Contest; Commence- 
ment Committee. 

<jvi* the ftf*rem*inr *m cmeocrcATto MMSrV* 

ttfcm. tfft tmt> cwwrws or tm 

Rtl»0»tTC Of ft* AS, XA*„ ♦# m% 


. > s ", K5> •>., -W W' ,x,'l 

Charles Dale Olson - Waco 
B. S. in Political Science 

Nelda Jane Reynolds Overall - 
B. S. in Elementary Education 

Virginia Claire Pate - 
B. S. in Physical Education 

Martha Peck - Abilene 
B. A. S. in Allied Health Sciences 

Delois Poe Phillips - Gonzales 
B. S. in Education 


1 Barbara Eileen Prats - Houston 
B. A. in History and Sociology 
AWS; Union (vice-president); Sneed 
House Council (president); Student 
Senate; Humanities Division; Alpha 
Chi (secretary); Cardinal Key; Orien- 
tation Leader; Sou'wester Superlative; 
University Distinction List. 

Richard Wesley Prewitt - Austin 
B. S. in Physical Education 

Carolyn Ann Railsback - 
B. A. in Religion 

2 Debra Suzanne Reed - Stafford 
B. M. in Music Education 
Southwestern Singers; Opera Theatre; 
Chorale; Delta Omicron; Delta Delta 
Delta; Student Congress; Political 
Science Society; Pi Kappa Alpha Lit- 
tle Sister; Resident Assistant; Extra- 

William Wesley Robertson - Nacogdoches 
B. B. A. in G y eneral Business 

Frank John Rodrigues, Jr. - Georgetown 
B. B. A. in General Business 


3 Cynthia Kay Rogers - San Antonio 

B. M. in Music Education 

4 Marlon Bryan Ross - Cuero 

B.A. in Humanities 
Alpha Chi; Who's Who; Sou'wester 
Superlative; Megaphone (editor); 
Sou'wester; Southwestern Magazin e 
(co-editor); Student Union; Ideas and 
Issues Committee; Coffeehouse Com- 
mittee (co-chairperson); Union vice- 
president; Faculty Scholarship recipi- 

Kim Ray Rozacky - 
B. B. A. in General Business 

5 Marsha Russell 

Hernan Blacutt Salazar - 
B. A. in Biology 

6 Robert Waldemar Schoen, Jr. - Houston 

B. S. in Biology 

Alpha Chi; Southwestern Science Soc- 
iety; Dean's List; Herman Brown House 
Council; Pi Kappa Alpha (pledgemaster, 
vice-president, house manager, execu- 
tive council, pledge advisory board); 
Who's Who. 

7 Peter Anderson Sessions - El Paso 

B. S. in Political Science 
Pi Kappa Alpha (sports captain, rush 
chairman); Student Senate; Legal Aid 
Board; Poli Sci Society (program 
chairman, president); Young Repub- 
licans (president); Intramural Direc- 
tor; Pre-Law Society. 

Phillip Crozier Sewell - San Antonio 
B. S. in Physical Education 

Janet Ruth Sharpe - Houston 
B.A. in Sociology 

8 Carol Ann Sheffield - Houston 

B. S. in Physical Education 
Volleyball Team; SUPER. 

\ . •> 

Ann Elizabeth Skinner - Houston 
B. A. in Sociology 

LK House Council (treasurer, pres- 
ident); Coordination and Planning 
Council; President's Advisory Council; 
Calendar Committee; AWS; WRA; " 
Kappa Sigma Starduster; Zeta Tau 
Alpha (treasurer, president); Zeta 
Beauty; Ideas and Issues Committee; 
Cardinal Key. 

1 Cathy Sheryl Jones Smith - Midland 

B. S. in Elementary Education 

Charlotte Ann Shannon Smith - 
B. B. A. in Accounting 

2 Eric Richard Smith - Irving 

B. S. in Biology 

Who's Who; Pi Kappa Alpha (presi- 
dent, rush chairman, pledgemaster, 
intramural athletics); Dean's List; 
Blue Key (vice-president); Alpha Chi 
(president); Election Commission 
Chairman; Resident Assistant; Sopho- 
more Advisor. 

3 Michael Clay Stanley - Amarillo 

B. A . in History 

Mary Margaret Stump - Midland 
B. S. in Elementary Education 

4 Tom Scott Talbert, Jr. - Houston 

B. S. in Chemistry and Math 

5 Martha Faye Terry - Sonora 
B. A. in History 

Southwestern Singers; Volleyball 
Team; Intramural Sports; Indepen- 
dent Sports Captain. 

Barbara Ann Gill Tippit - 
B. S. in Elementary Education 

Karen Thompson - Metarie, LA 
B. A. in Humanistic Psychology 

William Bryant Turner - Galveston 
B. A. in Religion 

6 Valerie Gail Turner - San Benito 

7 Clifton Earl Valley - San Antonio 

B. S. in Biology 

Band; House Council; Mu Psi Chi; 
Entertainment Committee; Indepen- 
dent Sports Chairman. 

8 Victoria Van der Naillen 

9 Victoria Marie Varteressian - 


B. M. in Music Education 

Southwestern Singers; Chapel Choir. 

10 Cynthia Gutierrez Vega - San Antonio 
B. M. in Music Education 
Chorale; Chapel Choir; Sinfonietta 

Richard Jerome Tobolka - 
B. B. A. in Economics 

Smith Tonahill - Jasper 
B. S. in Social Sciences 
University Distinction List; Pre- Law 
Society; Political Science Society; 
Golf Team (member of conference 
championship team, runner-up med- 
alist in conference championship, 
most valuable player, All-Conference). 

1 Elizabeth Kay Webb - Austin 

B. S. in Soc. Sci. in Political Science 
M egaphone (assistant editor, editor); 
So u'w ester (editor); Southwestern 
Magazine ; Cardinal Key (president); 
Pi Delta Phi (president); Poli Sci 
Society; Liaison Committee to Board 
of Trustees; Alumni Association 
Advisory Board; Humanities Division; 
Coordination and Planning Council; 
Student Publications Editorial Board 
(secretary, chairperson); Coffeehouse 
Committee; Free University; Resident 
Assistant; Outstanding Freshman Woman; 
University Distinction List; Sou'wester 
Superlative; Who's Who. 

Stephen Gillette Wendtland - 
B. S. in Physical Education 

2 Marian MacGregor White - Odessa 

B. A. in Political Science 

Stuart Norman Whitlow - 
B. A. in Biology 

3 Michael George Wilkerson - Donna 

B. S. in Chemistry 

Deborah Lee Willems - Houston 
B. S. in General Psychology 

John Marvin Williams - 
B. A. in History 

Edith Katherine Wilson - 
B. F. A. in Theatre 


4 Kara Joan Wilson - Seabrook 
B. S. in Elementary Education 
Delta Zeta (corresponding secretary, 
recording secretary, song leader, 
outstanding junior); Mask and Wig 
Players; Kurth House Council (fire 
marshall); SNEA; WRA; AWS. 

Peter Boyd Yeager - 
B. B. A. in General Business 

5 Candice Yeary 

Rebecca Ann Young - Dallas 
B. S. in Elementary Education 

6 Craig Arthur Zook - Tanasket, WA 

B. S. in Mathematics 

Southwestern Science Society; Extra- 








\ . i*r 


a - 


■« m X$**- 

W u "v¥ 

.si/- / 

i S \ 

**'*" " SCr n VJPlBJ^H 





Fellow Tray^le 

Gene Brown 
Ra ndy Burt 
Gary Clayton 
Kerry Cole 
Karlene Cox 

Marsha Craig 
Joe Cross 
Kathleen Cross 
Bill Curtis 
Stephanie Dory 

Janice Doughty 
Peggy Downing 
Liz Dubuis 
Cindy Edge 
Bobbie Fisher 

Scott Flournoy 
Patricia Fulkes 
Lela Gardner 
Tony Gauntt 

Dennis Gilmore 


Laura Graff 

m *«_. Jf 

Barbara Groos 
Henry Guevara 

Charles Guidry 
Lester Hahn 
Paula Hammond 
Melissa Hardberger 

Steve Harris 
Carol Ha r twig 
Carla Hawkins 
Debbie Hayes 

Lavonne Heacock 
Virginia Henderson 
Connie Hendrix 
Candace Hinson 

Dianne Holley 
Andrea Holt 
Sharon Horn 
Alberta Hubbard 

Cindy Hudgins 
Lynn Hurst 
Paul Irwin 
Allen Jackson 

George Jones 
Belinda King 
Kathleen Koeni^ 
Kent Leediker 


-*r ; c"Nif 

Theresa. Leigh 
Bob Leonard 
Karen Little 
Wallace Livesay 

Alex Louis 
Virginia Loveless 
Stephen Lozano 
Roy Luepnitz 

Debbie Mann 
George McDaniel 
Patti McDuffie 
Jim McNutt 

Bobby McWilliams 
Monica Minor 
Debbie Moon 
Yuki Morris 
Kristi Moses 

Catherine Neely 
Jean Nees 
Jackson Pace 
Peggy Palmer 
Danice Phillipi 

Pam Pollock 
Leigh Ponsford 
Steve Pontiff 
Nancy Preis 
Allan Price 

Gary Querbach 
J. P. Reed 
Dennis Reynolds 
Susan Robertson 

Mike Salter 
Lynne Sandberg 
Ellen Schlemmer 
Karl Scholl 

Sheila Sells 
Mark Sessions 
Caroline Shell 
Katie Sherrod 



Candy Sisk 
Mark Smith 
John Sonnenberj 
Adele Spencer 

Kathy Steer 
Jeff Stoltenberg 
Russell Stone 
Lizette Tandy 
Helen Tanksley 

Shirley Tatum 
Susan Tillman 
Sharon Tittle 
Brian Todd 
Tom Tourtellotte 

Renato Troconis 
Evelyn Trujillo 
Rebecca Vardiman 
Reuben Vasqaez 

Sherry Vrana 
Bill Walton 
Patricia Webb 
Mary Weller 

Margaret Wilcox 
Bill Williams 
Michael Williamson 

Tom Williamson 
Mary Jean Wilson 
Michael Yarber 
Jeff Zwiener 


Lauri Brown 
Pat Burgess 
Becky Burkhardt 
Julia Bush 

Maralee Buttery 
Judy Carter 
Craig Cates 
Lisa Chavez 

Mark Chiesa 
Bill Coers 
Kathy Coughran 
Rett Dalton 

Leslie Davis 
Laura Dawson 
Dianne Day 
Michael Deeds 

Bill DeFries 
Ruth Demanzuk 
John Dieck 
Jerri Duddlesten 


Diana Dulany 
Cindy Durett 
Tom Ellisor 
Sharon Eoff 
Darlene Evans 

Tracy Farmer 
Liz Farnsworth 
Aubra Frazer 
Cindy Fuessel 
Patricia Fulmer 

Naomi Garcia 
Felicia Gentry 
Gary Hammac 
Debbie Hansen 
Sally Harris 


:mM ft * 

*' Mm 


4 \ ■ 

Shari Heacock 
Liz Hedley 
Robert Heydenreich 
Debbie Hobbs 
Greg Hutchins 

Sharon Janecek 
Al Jaramillo 
Melinda Johnston 
K Richelle Keene 
Tim Kiker 

Phyllis Kurtin 
Greg Lang 
Jeff Latimer 
Anna Machicek 
Kathy MacLean 

Barbara Mandell 

Sharon Marquis 




Steve McGrede 
John McKee 
Jerry McKinney 

Mary Ell 

Mark McPhail 
Laura Moffitt 
Michelle Moody 
Brenda Morris 

Gayle Murphy 
Barry Nash 
Clint Newman 
Cary Nixon 
Chuck Norris 


Lisa Noteboom 
Colleen Ozan 
Yvette Payne 
Lisa Pelosi 
Sue Pfaeffle 

Eric Reynolds 
Janice Richmond 
Melanie Rielly 
Kenneth Rossy 
Bryan Russ 

Chris Salmon 
Kevin Schleicher 
Mike Schmid 
Judy Schmoeller 
Julie Schnepel 


Tim Scholl 
Jarre Sharp 
Linda Sharpe 
David Simmons 
Re Simmons 


Cathy Spain 
Lorena Stancil 
John Strasdin 
Brooke Stroud 

Randy Stump 
Mary Beth 


Sarah Tunnell 
Cynthia Turner 

Amy Unger 

Ann Van Winkle 


2 X «.N .- 7K 

» < * 

' t 

■ ##• • 

^ K 

i ' v f ' , 

s ' S 

■ ♦. > 

^v ^ < 


Amanda Villaret 
Mark Waggoner 
Chaille Weiler 
Beth Whitfield 
Debbie Wiemers 

Julie Williams 
Laura Williams 
Greg Willis 
M'Lynda Wilsher 
Chris Wilson 

Lori Wimmer 
Mark Wood 
Patty Woodfin 
Ann Worthing 
Kathy Yates 

John Young 

Oscar Yuen 



H Karen Bebee 
Wayne Bissett 
Marsha Black 
Martha Blanco 

Eddy Bra y 
Jamie Brechin 
Ken Browne 
Donna Bryant 

Bonnie Buckner 
Karen Bumpus 
Kim Cardiff 
Chris Carter 

Toni Cascio 
Lacey Charlton 
Nancy Chavers 
Clarice Chilton 

Robin Clearman 
Carol Cleaver 
Walt Cleveland 
Herb Coe 


Robin Collins 
Molly Conner 
Deanne Corley 
Beth Cornelius 
Viveca Crixell 

Sue Currie 
Laura Daigle 
Dan Dalton 
Mark Danheim 
Matthew Daude 

Donald Davidson 
Mitch Davies 
Loretta Deason 
Kevin Dice 
Tom Doud 


Dwight Dowell 
Donna Drake 
Vicci Drake 
Stephanie Eckert 
Bill Edmonds 

David Enoch 
Liz Ethridge 
April Evans 
Robin Ewbank 

Arthur Felan 
Edmound Fitzpatrick 
Lisa Flynn 
Lorraine Galindo 
Terry Gawlik 

Pamela Gebel 

rara» Beth Gentry 



Greg Gibson 
Joanna Gol 
Danny Gonzales 
Joel Goode 

Dee Grabow 
Laurie Graef 
Joanie Graham 
Jack Green 
Missi Griffin 


Holly Hardy 

Anne Ha. r r i s 

Lisa Harston 

Pamela Harting 

Renee Hartman 

Kristin Hatch 


Liz Heuschkell 
Jeanna Hudson 
Cheryl ImMasche 
Maria Jaramillo 
Lowell Johnson 

Shelia Johnson 
Ginger Jones 
James Jones 
Jamie Jones 
Paula Key 

Ginny Kinney 
Neil Kirkpatrick 
Mary Klar 
Elizabeth Knight 
Gary Knight 

Laura Kofman 

Tina LaFuente 



Larry Loden 
Laura Logan 
Patrick Loring 
Tal Lostracco 

Allison Louis 
Steve Lufburrow 
Kathy Beth 

Carl Marroquin 
Mindy Martin 

Jorge Matias 

James McCullin 
James McGlynn 
Christy McLeod 


Jane Miller 
Bryan Neal 
Carol Neely 
Cindy Newman 
Sandy Nichols 

Carlton Odom 


Margie Olivarez 

Jan Oliver 

Nancy Olsen 

Joe Osment 

Dianne Pankey 
Charla Patton 
Hal Peacock 
Jenny Pelton 
Hope Phillips 

Linda Phillips 

Terri Phillips 



Vicki Pierce 
Vivian Pollard 
Joe Pool 
Karen Powell 
Ken Pruett 

Karen Querbach 
Jim Rapson 
Charlotte Reed 
Michael Reed 
Kas sy Reese 

Colette Rex 
Billy Richter 
Amanda Rochelle 
Diane Rosenblad 
Eric R other t 


Kathy Rowland 
Jim Rulla 
Karol Sandbert 
Randy Schaefer 
Tom Schlenker 

Lisa Schroff 
Keith Sells 
Mona Sells 
Constance Sheppard 
Rhonda Shevack 

Julie Shoup 
Dkoma Shungu 
Carol Sloan 
Leslie Sluder 
Donald Smith 


Jay Smith 
Kim Spracklen 
David Stanley 
Rian Steger 
Peggy Sterling 

Frank Stowers 
Carol Teas 
Eunice Teinert 
Glenda Tomme 
Jenny Tubbs 

Lorna Van Cleave 
Miles Varner 
John Wayland 
Pam Whitman 
Missy Wickes 

Mark Wisdom 

John Zweiner 






;.>^" 2 1 m* 








2*1** i: V. %>**•'. ... *> _5 

><►■-• w .... . V 


. v **W > 


President Durwood Fleming 


j ! 


" ?i * 

£4, %K* 


"f . 


Office of the President: 
Mrs. Dorthy Thomas 
Miss Marjorie Beech 


■■ ■ ■ f 

j0St%^ : grs 





(Left) Dr. William B. Jones, Adminis- 
trative Vice-President and Provost 

(Lower left) Dr. Judson Custer, Vice- 
President for Educational Services 

(Lower right) William Swift, Vice- 
President for Student Development and 
Service s 

Not pictured: Kirk Treible, Vice- 
President for Fiscal Affairs 

*■*■ n 



(Above) Dr. Benjamin Oliver, Dean of 
the Brown College of Arts and Sciences 

(Upper right) Dr. Barbara Brightwell, 
Dean for Student Development 

(Lower right) Dr. Theodore Lucas, 
Dean of the School of Fine Arts 


Dr. Farley Snell, University Chaplain 

Ann Chambers, Humanities Program 

Charlotte Taylor, Director of Student 
Financial Aid 

Nezette Rydell, Secretary for Student 
Financial Aid 



Grady Anderson, Director of Admissions 

Beverly Brewer, Admissions Counselor 
Yolanda Cazares, Admissions Counselor 
Mike Rossman, Assistant Director of Admissions 
Carol Knolle, Admissions Counselor 


(Below) Mark Shaklee, Director of 

(Lower left) Jaime Gray, Director of 
Student Activities 

(Below) Wanda Lancaster, Director of 
Special Events 

(Lower right) Bonnie Buckley, Direc- 
tor of Inter na tional House 

Not pictured: 

Kaye Abbott, Associate Director of 

Sue Peterson, Program Director, In- 
ternational House 




(Upper right) Marc Raney, Director of Development 
(Lower left) Barbara Seever, Director of Publications 
(Lower right) Tom Buckner, Director, University- 
News Service 

Not pictured: Ken Johnson, Director of Alumni 
R elations 



(Above) University Relations Office: Joyce Rosenbusch, 
Faye Hubbard, Beverly Turner, Doris Curl 

(Below) Business Office: Dorothy Williams, Doris 
Wittera, Na ncy Smithwick, Carol Rachui, Shirley 
Caluette, Betty Knauth, Eileen Jacobs, Leona 
Morris, Sandra Davidson 

(Right) Robert Schwartz, Auditor and Chief Accountant 

I <*rl$*.< 


iV. .; ^m 


(Above) Dr. Fred Hilgeman, Associate 
Professor of Chemistry 

(Upper right) Dr. Ed Lansford, Profes- 
sor of Biochemistry 

(Lower right) Dr. Robert Soulen, Lil- 
lian Nelson Pratt Professor of Chemistry, 
Chairman of the Department of Chemistry 

Not pictured: Dr. Edward Golla, 
Instructor of Chemistry 



(Upper left) Dr. Eb Girvin, Professor 
of Biology and Chairman of the Depart- 
ment of Biology 

(Upper right) Dr. Donald Deeds, Assis- 
tant Professor of Biology 

(Lower left) Dr. Horace Jacob, Assis- 
tant Professor of Biology 



(Below) Dr. Ralph Whitmore, Professor 
of Mathematics and Chairman of the 
Department of Mathematics 

(Below) Harold Eidson, Coordinator of 
Data Processing 

(Lower left) Gary Richter, Instructor 
of Mathematics 

(Lower right) John Chapman, Assistar 
Professor of Mathematics 



Dr. Bob Brown, Professor of Physics 
and chairman of the Department of 
Physic s 

Dr. James Copeland, Assistant 
Professor of Physics 

(Left) Dr. Francis O'Brien, Tower- 
Hester Professor of Political Science 

(Below) Dr. Suk-soon Suh, Profes- 
sor of Political Science and chairman 
of the Department of Political Science 


(Right) Dr. Lois Parker, Associate 
Professor of English 

(Below) Dr. Walter Herbert, Associate 
Professor of English, Herman Brown 
Professor of English 

(Right, center) Jane McCook, Assis- 
tant Professor of English 

(Lower left) Dr. Virginia Carwell, 
Associate Professor of English 

(Lower right) Dr. Jack Harris, Assis- 
tant Professor of English 



■foreign languagesi 

(Left) Dr. Regine Reynolds, Associate 
Professor of Foreign Languages and 
Chairman of the Department of Foreign 
Langua ges 

(Left, center) Gerhild Rogers, Instruc- 
tor of French and German 

(Center) Elaine Graybill, Spanish 

(Lower left) Jacqueline Meyrieux- 
Smith, French 

(Lower right) Dr. F. Burr Clifford, 
Professor of Classics and Humanities 


(Below) Dr. NickSikes, Assistant 
Professor of Education 

(Lower right) Dr. Bruce Mossman, 
Assistant Professor of Education 

Not Pictured: 

Dr. Judson Custer, Professor of Educa- 
tion and Chairman of the Department of 

Dr. Billie Fullingim, Associate Profes- 
sor of Education 



(Upper left) Dr. Leonard Giesecke, As- 
sociate Professor of Economics and 
Business Administration 

(Center left) Dr. Norton Marks, John 
Shearn Professor of Business Administra- 

(Lower left) Elizabeth Lundblad, Instruc- 
tor of Business Administration 

(Lower right) Dr. B. Joe Colwell, 
Lillie and Roy Cullen Professor of Econ- 
omics, Chairman of the Department of 
Economics and Business Administration 

Not pictured: Roger Hamood, Assistant 
Professor of Economics and Business 



(Right) Dr. Jan Dawson, Assistant 
Professor of History 

(Lower left) Dr. Martha Allen, Associ- 
ate Professor of History 

(Lower right) Dr. Weldon Crowley, 
Lucy King Brown Professor of History 

(Not pictured): Dr. William B. Jones, 
Professor of History 



(Below) Dr. Coleman Merryman, Assis- 
tant Professor of Psychology 

(Below) Dr. Douglas Hooker, Professor 
of Psychology and Chairman of the Depart- 
ment of Psychology 

(Lower left) Dr. Dan Hilliard, Instruc- 
tor of Sociology 

(Lower right) Dr. Edmund McCurtain, 
Elizabeth Root Paden Professor of 
Sociology, Chairman of the Department 
of Sociology 



Dr. Edmund Steelman, Professor, The 
Bishop Seth Ward Chair of Bible and 

Dr. Norman Spellmann, Professor of 
Religion and Philosophy 

Not pictured: Dr. Benjamin Oliver, 
Professor of Philosophy 


Dr. Stephen Johnson, Instructor of 
Religion and Philosophy 

Dr. John Score, Professor of Religion 
and Philosophy, Chairman of the 
Department of Religion and Philosophy 

John Waide, Instructor of Philosophy 
a nd Religion 



(Below) Glada Munt, Coach and 
Instructor of Physical Education 

Lower left) Dr. Tex Kassen, Associate 
Professor of Physical Education, Chair- 
man of the Department of Health, Physical 
Education and Recreation, Athletic Direc- 

(Center right) James Mallon, Baseball 
Coach and Assistant Professor of Physical 

(Lower right) Tibb Burnett, Instructor of 
Physical Education 

Not pictured: John Edwards, Basket- 
ball Coach 

(Below) William Merritt, Assistant 
Professor of Physical Education 


(Left) Guss Farmer, Assistant Profes- 
sor of Art 

(Below) Claude Kennard, Associate 
Professor of Art 

(Bottom) David Everett, Instructor of 
Art (Sculpture) 



(Right) Thomas Douglass, Professor of 
String Instruments 

(Below) Kenny Sheppard, Instructor of Music 
Education and Choral Music 

(Lower left) Para Rossman, Instructor of Piano 

(Center right) Raymond Schroeder, Assistant 
Professor of Music, Director of the Orchestra, 
Woodwind Instruments 

(Lower right) Dr. George Nelson, Associate 
Professor of Instrumental Music Education, 
Brass and Percussion Instruments, Band Director 

(Opposite, upper left) Dr. Ellsworth Peterson, 
Margarett Root Brown Professor of Fine Arts, 
Chairman of the Department of Music 

(Opposite, center left) Barbara Thomas, 
Instructor of Voice 




(Lower left) Cochrane Penick, Profes- 
sor of Organ and Sacred Music 

(Below, center) Kay Standifer, Instruc- 
tor of Voice 

(Below, right) Jane Lansford, Assistant 
Professor of Piano 

(Lower right) Drusilla Huffmaster, 
Associate Professor of Piano, Artist-in- 
R esidence 


(Below) Dr. Angus Springer, Professor 
of Drama and chairman of the Department 
of Theatre/Speech 

(Right) Fred Goodson, Assistant Profes- 
sor of Theatre/Speech 

(Below right) Muriel Burress, Assis- 
tant Professor of Theatre /Speech 


(Left) Janice Hester, Recorder 

(Center left) Registrar's Office: Ginger Stearns 
Kathleen Todd, Office of Career Development; 
Bretna Smith 

(Lower right) Faye Johnson, secretary to Dean 
of Brown College of Arts and Sciences 

•V ■ Ji 


(Seated) Henry Wolgemuth, Charlaine 
Eicher, Grace Jones, Carole Gooch, 
Mary Pat McLaughlin 

(Standing) John Bigley, Brenda 
Bouffard, Bill Sheldon, Louise Grapski, 
Kathryn Stone, Mavis Watts 



(Upper left) William "Wiggy" Shell, General Services 
(Upper right) Jacqueline Kreger, Health Service 
(Lower left) Myrtle Hartman & Wanda Vogler, 

Post Office 

(Lower right) Floyd Lackey, Superintendent of 

Buildings and Grounds 

«mn JS»*M 

>" ~' p- '. 



.. . 


^'•i^T v*}*-^ WJ* - - 

.a* * 



(Upper left) Ken Chambers & Virginia Wiggins, Bookstore 

(Upper right) Ruth Thomas, Secretary to Vice- President 
for Fiscal Affairs 

(Lower left) Pat Anderson, Secretary to Administrative 
Vice-President and Provost 

(Center) Sondra Baldwin, Secretary for Office of Student 

(Lower right) Karen Stevens, Fine Arts Secretary 



Adams, Glenn- -43, 1 16 
Aguilar, Peter-- 136 
Ainsworth, Patricia-- 

32, 116 
Allred, Patricia- - 1 54 
Alvarado, Sonia - - 30, 48, 

50, 136 

Andrade, Laura-- 154 
Andrew, Cheryl-- 154 
Andrus, Jay--36 
Ansley, Leslie- - 32 , 1 54 
Anthony, Judy--26,32, 

51, 154 

Anthony, Susa n- - 32, 3? ; 

60, 136 
Antill, Gena--51, 154 
Arnold, A nnie- - 32 , 44, 

Arrendell, Kim--32,146 
Arrendell, Lisa--32, 146 
Atkinson, R obin- - 32, 5 1 , 

Ayres, Steve--103 

Babcock, Karla--29, 37, 

43, 74, 116 
Babick, Kyle--37, 45, 68, 

Bailey, Diane- - 30, 68, 

Bailey, Merr ill- - 1 03, 

Bailey, Rod--35 
Baker, Brent- - 32, 66, 1 16 
Baker, Ka therine- - 1 54 
Baker, Kenneth- - 36, 66, 

Baker, Susan--136 
Ball, Donna-- 146 
Barbo, Catherine- - 29 
Baria, Lynn--154 
Barton, R obert- - 5 1 , 146 
Bebee, Karen- - 28, 99, 1 55 

Belcher, Carl--87 
Belknap, Sheri--32, 136 
Bell, Cynthia--35 
Belmar, Jovita- -45, 58, 

Bender, Carol--29 
Bennett, Carol--39, 83, 

Berkey, Deborah-- 146 
Bernhardt, Gra.ce--28 
Binford, Barbara--30, 

Bissett, Wayne--34, 155 
Black, Kathy--29, 66 
Black, Marsha- - 155 
Blakney, Bonnie--96, 146 
Blalock, Price--35 
Blanco,. Martha--155 
Blanco, Samuel- - 48, 136 
Blank, Kelvin-- 103 
Blankenship, Beth--30, 

Boehning, Ka thy- - 59, 6 1 , 

Bohls, Elaine-- 136 
Boone, Keith--36 
Boyd, Jim-- 146 
Brady, Martha- - 146 
Bray, Eddy--155 
Brechin, Jamie- - 3 1 , 33, 

Bricker, Yvette- - 39, 41, 

55, 56, 65, 136 
Brockett, Bob- - 37, 43, 50, 

56, 76, 52, 116 
Brooks, Chip--37 
Brouillette, Denise--10, 

Brown, Gene--37, 137 
Brown, Kimberley- - 62 , 

Brown, Lauri--28, 146 
Browne, Ken- -48, 49, 5 1 , 

56, 155 
Brownlee, Mitch--35 
Bruns, A nn- - 29 
Bryant, Donna- - 32, 5 1 , 

Buckner, Bonnie--32, 155 

Bullard, Philip--37, 48, 

49, 56 
Bumpus, Karen--155 
Burgess, Patricia- - 147 
Burkhardt, Becky- - 30, 42, 

48,49, 50, 55, 147 
Burrow, Brad-- 103 
Burt, Randy--41, 137 
Bush, Julia--29, 65, 147 
Buttery, Maralee- - 26, 30, 

42, 60, 63, 65, 147 

Caldwell, Dorothy--79, 

Campbell, Karen--28 
Cardiff, Kim- - 32, 96, 155 
Carleton, Cathryn--ll6 
Carpenter, David--36 
Carroll, Mark--87 
Carter, Chris-- 155 
Carter, Donna--29 
Carter, Judy--51, 55, 147 
Casad, Connie--117 
Cascio, Toni — 155 
Caselli, Valerie--31 
Gates, Craig-- 37, 147 
Charlton, Lacey--51, 155 
Chase, Larry- -87 
Chavers, Nancy-- 155 
Chavez, Lisa--59, 147 
Chiesa, Mark-- 147 
Chilton, Clarice- - 52, 55, 

Clayton, Gary--137 
Clearman, R obin- - 37, 4 1 , 

Cleaver, Car ol- - 1 1 , 28, 

Clegg, Karen-- 117 
Cleveland, Walt--48, 50, 

53, 56, 155 
Clifton, Lisa--29 
Cluck, David-- 103 
Coe, Herbert--87, 155 
Coers, William--36, 147 
Cole, Kerry--28, 137 
Collins, Robin--156 
Conner, Molly-- 156 
Corley, Deanne--156 


Cornelias, Beth-- 156 
Cornett, Clay--34, 100 
Cornish, Ann--92 
Cotten, Larry-- 34, 53, 54 
Coaghran, Kathy--147 
Cox, Karlene--137 
Cox, Kr isanne- - 1 1 7 
Cragg, Steve--37, 43, 73, 

Craig, Marsha--48, 50, 

Crain, Julie- - 71 , 1 18 
Crixell, Viveca--29, 156 
Cross, Joe--26, 37, 43, 

Cross, Kathy--137 
Crouch, Tim-- 12, 37 
Cude, Garry--52, 56, 118 
Cunningham, Marier-29 
Cunningham, Mike--37 
Currie, Sue-- 156 
Curtis, William--35, 137 

Daigle, Laura-- 156 
Dalton, Dan--37, 52, 147, 

Dalton, Rett--34, 66 
Damiani, Anna--51 
Danheim, Mark--37,48, 

50, 56, 156 
Darby, Dan--37 
Daude, Matthew- -26, 52, 

Davidson, Donald-- 156 
Davies, Mitch-- 156 
Davis, Donna--32 
Davis, John- - 13 
Davis, Leslie--51, 56, 147 
Dawson, Laura- - 59, 92, 

Dawson, Mark--42,48, 

61, 118 
Day, Dianne--29, 147 
Deason, Loretta--92, 96, 

Deaver, Danny--36 
DeDear, Pattye- - 10, 12 
Deeds, Michael--68, 147 
DeFries, Bill-- 147 

Degrand, Jack--34 
Demanzuk, Ruth--28,37, 

42, 147 
Dice, Kevin--36, 156 
Dickson, Jon--36 
Dieck, John--36, 42, 61, 

Dilts, Russell--39, 118 
Doering, Steve-- 100 
Dory, Stephanie-- 52, 53, 

54, 55, 80, 137 
Doud, Tom--37, 156 
Doughty, Janice--50, 84, 

96, 137 
Dowell, Dwight--157 
Downing, Peggy- - 42, 50, 

58, 61, 137 
Drake, Donna--29, 157 
Drake, Vicci--157 
Dressier, Brenda--46, 50 
Dubuis, Liz--29, 37, 137 
Duddlesten, Jerri--35, 

Duffield, Jimmy--32, 87, 

Duke, Barbara--32, 119 
Dulany, Diana- - 12, 29, 

Durett, Cindy--30, 148 

Earney, Ann--30 
Eckert, Stephanie- - 5 1 , 

Edgar, Jim--43, 65, 119 
Edge, Cindy--137 
Edmonds, Bill-- 157 
Edwards, Patricia- - 1 19 
Eimann, David- - 37, 48, 

Ellis, Karen--55, 59 
Ellis, Mark--119 
Ellis, Mike--36, 119 
Ellis, Tom--119 
Ellisor, Thomas-- 148 
Enoch, David--41, 157 
Eoff, Sharon--92, 96, 148 
Escamilla, Marlene--23, 

Ethridge, Liz-- 157 

Evans, April--48, 157 
Evans, Darlene- - 30, 65 , 

Ewbank, Robin--29, 157 

Fadrique, Randy--34 
Fagan, Karis- - 35, 42, 6 1 , 

77, 120 
Fairburn, Tanya- - 52, 54, 

55, 75, 120 
Farmer, Tracy- - 28, 148 
Farnsworth, Elizabeth-- 

Farr, Joe-- 103, 120 
Felan, Arthur- - 1 03, 1 57 
Feller, Debbie--48 
Fidler, Patti--32, 48, 50, 

Field, Jennifer--29 
Fisher, Bunny- - 1 3, 30, 

46, 52, 56, 157 
Fitch, Susan--59, 120 
Fitzpatrick, Ed--52, 53, 

54, 56, 157 
Flagg, Terri--30, 52 
Flournoy, Scott--34, 138 
Flowers, James--50,56 
Floyd, Mike- -36 
Flynn, Lisa-- 157 
Fountain, John-- 120 
Foxworth, Doug--37 
Frazer, Aubra--29, 37, 

56, 148 
Fuessel, Cindy- - 5 1 , 55, 

Fulkes, Pat--52, 55, 138 
Fulmer, Patr icia - - 29, 48, 
50, 148 

Galindo, Lorraine- - 157 
Galloway, Barbara--30, 

Gamez, Absalon--121 
Garcia, Naomi- - 52, 148 
Gardner, Lela--29, 53, 

Garth, Leta--35 
Garth, Tanner- - 32, 35 
Gates, Charlotte--42, 43, 

46, 82, 121 


Gauntt, Tony-- 138 
Gawlik, Terry--92, 96, 

Gebel, Pamela--29, 157 
Gentry, Beth--51, 157 
Gentry, Felicia-- 148 
Gibbs, Steve--87 
Gibson, Greg--33, 158 
Gilmore, Chris--34 
Gilmore, Dennis- - 52, 54, 

56, 138 
Gilmore, Matt--35 
Gol, Joanna--158 
Gonzales, Danny-- 158 
Goode, Joel- - 158 
Goodnow, Maureen- - 30, 

Grabow, Dee-- 158 
Graef, Laur ie- - 29, 5 1 , 99 , 

Graff, Laura--30, 44, 138 
Graham, Joanie- - 32, 37, 

Gravens, Ricky-- 103 
Graves, Joe--51 
Gray, Wren--28, 33, 43, 

Grayum, Craig--121 
Green, Jack- - 34, 48, 49, 

50, 51, 158 
Greene, Elise--121 
Greene, Sheila- - 30, 37, 

Griffin, Missi--56, 158 
Grisham, Laura-- 3 0, 12Z 
Groos, Barbara--138 
Guevara, Henry--66, 138 
Guidry, Charles- - 34, 98, 


Hahn, Lester--87, 138 
Hall, Keith--61, 70, 122 
Hammac, Gary- - 100, 148 
Hammond, Paula--28, 138 
Hampton, Therese--30, 

51, 158 
Hankins, Mitch- - 37, 43, 

Hansen, Debra- - 92, 96, 


Hanson, Eric--34, 122 
Hardberger, Melissa-- 

96, 138 
Hardy, Holly--28, 114, 

Hares, Holly--28 
Harrington, Nancy--32 
Ha rris, Anne-- 158 
Harris, Neil--34, 123 
Harris, Sally- - 32, 53, 

Harris, Steve- - 36, 138 
Harston, Lisa-- 158 
Harting, Pam--158 
Hartman, Renee--158 
Harton, Sue--60 
Hartwig, Carol--32, 138 
Hasskarl, John- -103 
Hatch, Kristin--32, 158 
Havelka, Diane--59 
Hawkins, Carla- - 30, 5 1, 

37, 52, 138 
Hawn, Scott--35 
Hayes, Debra-- 138 
Heacock, Lavonne--138 
Heacock, Shari- - 33, 56, 

Hedley, Elizabeth- - 149 
Heitman, Gerry-- 103 
Henderson, Virginia-- 

28, 138 
Hendrix, Connie-- 138 
Heuschkell, Liz--28, 159 
Heydenreich, Robert-- 

34, 149 
Hill, Cynthia-- 123 
Hindman, Kathleen- - 29, 

37, 123 
Hinson, Candace- - 29, 37, 

43, 138 
Hobbs, Debra-- 149 
Holbrook, Leesa- - 29, 37, 

Holley, Dianne--139 
Hollingsworth, Beth-- 

Holt, Andrea--35, 44, 139 
Horn, Sharon--59, 139 

Houghton, Beverly--29, 

37, 43, 45, 66, 73, 124 
House, William-- 124 
Houston, Michael-- 52, 56, 

Hubbard, Alberta--40, 5 1, 

65, 139 
Hudgins, Cindy--139 
Hudson, Jeanna--159 
Huff, Les--48,49, 53 
Huffman, Beth Ann--43, 

46, 124 
Huffman, Sarah- -28 
Hurmis, Darrell--125 
Hurst, Lynn--37, 139 
Huser, Barbara--51 
Hutchins, Gregory-- 149 

ImMasche, Cheryl--29, 

Irwin, Paul--34, 43, 139 
Ivers, Jim--33,35 

Jackson, Allen- -48, 50, 

56, 139 
James, Dustin- -42, 48, 49, 

61, 84 
Janecek, Sharon-- 149 
Jaramillo, A1--149 
Jaramillo, Maria--28, 

Johnson, Donna--32 
Johnson, Jim-- 103 
Johnson, Jana--32 
Johnson, Lowell--37, 159 
Johnson, Minnie- - 25 , 40, 

66, 125 
Johnson, Nathan-- 125 
Johnson, Sheila-- 159 
Johnston, James--34 
Johnston, Melinda--28, 


Jones, Debby- -28, 43, 


Jones, George--34, 139 

Jones, Ginger--28, 159 

Jones, James--159 

Jones, Jamie--28, 159 

Jones, Nathan-- 37, 52 


Kay, Corinn--29 
Keene, Shelley--50, 149 
Kemp, Rose--125 
Kennedy, Kimberley- - 30 
Key, Paula--29, 159 
Khouw, Raymond--42, 

98, 125 
Kilgore, John-- 103 
Kiker, Tim--33, 37, 65, 

King, Belinda--51, 139 
Kinney, Ginny--159 
Kirk, Bill--37, 61 
Kirkpatrick,, Neil--37, 

51,65, 159 
Kishego, Mark-- 15 
Klar, Mary--92, 96, 159 
Klopp, Steve-- 103, 126 
Knight, Elizabeth--37, 

51, 114, 159 
Knight, Gary--37, 159 
Knorpp, Regina--28, 59 
Koenig, Kathleen- - 37, 

Kofman, Laura- - 3 1, 159 
Koontz, Bart--35 
Koslovsky, Larry--71 
Kurtin, Phyllis- -48, 50, 

Kwan, Edward--58 

LaFuente, Tina--96, 159 
Lambert, Karen- -25, 29, 

37, 52, 54, 65 
Lancaster, Laura--35 
Lang, Gregory--36, 110, 

Larson, Leah--59 
Latimer, Jeffrey-- 149 
Leediker, Kent--139 
Leggett, Cherrie--126 
Leigh, Theresa--92, 140 
Leonard, Bob-- 103, 140 
Leonard, Mike-- 103 
Lewis, Aaron--48, 49, 

50, 56 
Lewis, Darlene--92 
Lewis, Jay--87 
Lieberum, Eugenia-- 

92, 160 

Limmer, James--103 
Little, Karen-- 140 
Livesay, Wallace- - 37, 43, 

Loden, Larry--34, 160 
Logan, Laura--32, 160 
Loring, Patrick--37, 160 
Lostracco, Tal--10, 160 
Loudon, Jan-- 126 
Louis, Alex-- 103, 140 
Louis, Allison--30, 160 
Loveless, Virginia- - 140 
Lovett, Lin--35 
Low, Valerie--31 
Lowery, Lasses--126 
Lozano, Steve--36, 140 
Luepaitz, Roy--45, 140 
Lufburrow, Steve--37, 1 6 C 
Lynch, Catherine- - 29, 37, 


MacDonald, Kathy Beth-- 

Machicek, Anna-- 149 
Macina, Mary- -46, 67, 73, 

MacLean, Kathy-- 149 
Malish, Dolores--30, 51 
Mandell, Barbara- - 29, 33, 

Mann, Debbie--30, 140 
Mann, Neil-- 127 
Marquis, Sharon- -42, 50, 

59, 149 
Marroquin, Carl-- 160 
Marshall, Morrisa--92, 

Martin, Melinda- - 56, 160 
Mathers, Chris--49 
Mathews, Patrice- - 28, 56 
Matias, Jorge- - 58, 160 
Mattke, Michele--30, 127 
McAtee, Nancy--35 
McCampbell, Brad--34, 

100, 160 
McCord, James-- 32, 34, 

McCord, Jody--34 
McCullin, Albert--36 

McCullin, James--36, 16 
McDaniel, George--37, 

McDuffie, Patti--29, 140 
McGahey, Cheryl--28, 

52, 150 
McGlynn, James-- 160 
McGrede, Steve- - 34, 66, 

McKee, John-- 150 
McKim, Mark--34 
McKinney, Jerry--42, 150 
McLeod, Christy--56, 

114, 160 
McMillan, Mary Ell- - 

28, 150 
McNeill, Mona--29, 33 
McNeill, Scott--34 
McNutt, James--60, 140, Marilyn--37, 

McPhail, Mark--35,66, 

McWilliams, Bobby-- 141 
Meyer, Mark-- 128 
Michael, Jim- - 10, 1 1 , 37 
Middlebrooks, Dan-- 110 
Miller, Jane--30, 161 
Middlebrooks, Robin--35 
Minick, Michael-- 36, 128 
Minks, Dennis--87 
Minor, Monica- -28, 60, 

Miori, Marsha--30, 128 
Mitchell, Roger--37 
Moffitt, Laura-- 150 
Moffitt, Mike--34, 98 
Moody, Michelle--29, 56, 

5), 150 
Moon, Debbie-- 141 
Moore, Howard-- 36 
Moore, Lezlie--32 
Morgan, James--34 
Morris, Brenda- - 33, 4~8, 

49, 150 
Morris, Toni--129 
Morris, Yuki--41,141 
Moses, Kristi--45, 59, 



Moses, La y n i 6 - - 129 
Muenzler, Randi--52,99 
Munson, Da vid- - 37, 52, 

Munson, Mark--48,49, 

Murphy, Gayle- - 29, 51, 

Murtagh, Maureen--45 
Musgrove, Merrily--92, 

Myers, Tere-- 10, 11, 75 

Nash, Barry-- 11, 12, 13, 

37, 42, 46, 150 
Neal, Bryan-- 103, 161 
Neely, Carol--l6l 
Neely, Catherine- - 28, 

60, 141 
Neely, Roger--39, 43, 

Nees, Jean--59, 141 
Nelson, Bill-- 129 
Neves, Amy--29 
Newman, Cindy--30, 161 
Newman, Clint-- 150 
Nichols, Sandy--32, 99, 

Nixon, Cary--32, 150 
Norris, Chuck--35, 150 
Noteboom, Lisa--32, 151 
Nygrin, Tanya--92 

O'Connell, Carol--31 
Odom Carlton-- 12, 98, 

Olivarez, Margie-- 161 
Oliver, Jan- -31, 161 
Oliver, Jim--58 
Olsen, Nancy--29, 161 
Orgain, Ben--35 
Oroza, Gustavo--48, 50, 

56, 80 
Osment, Joe--34, 161 
Ozan, Colleen-- 3 1, 59, 


Pace, Jackson-- 14.1 
Palmer, Peggy--141 

Pankey, Diane-- 161 
Parker, Amy--28, 37 
Pate, Jerry--34 
Patton, Charla--48, 50, 

Payne, Yvette--29, 114, 

Peacock, Hal--41, 161 
Pelosi, Lisa--32, 45, 151 
Pelton, 'Jennifer- -51, 161 
Pennington, Lisa--92 
Perkins, Darlene--56 
Perkins, Eric--94 
Peters, Jeff--48, 49 
Peterson , Jamie--52, 53 
Pfaeffle, Sue--57, 151 
Phillipi, Danice--53, 29, 

Phillips, Hope--32, 161 
Phillips, Linda A. --29, 

39, 58 
Phillips, Linda D. --56, 

Phillips, Terri--16l 
Pierce, Vicki- - 5 1 , 55, 162 
Piwetz, Mark--48, 49, 50, 

Pollard, Vivian--28, 37, 

68, 162 
Pollock, Pam--92, 96, 

Ponsford, Leigh-- 37, 94, 

141 ..* ■'• 
Pontiff, Steve--37, 141 
Pool, Joe--57, 162 
Powell, Karen-- 162 
Prats, Barbara-- 130 
Pratt, Allison--28 
Preis, Nancy--32, 141 
Preis, Rex--34 
Preston, Ricky--100 
Price, Allan--37, 141 
Pruett, Ken--66, 162, 57 
Puryear, David-- 103 

Qualia, Charles--37 
Querbach, Gary--37,43, 

Querbach, Karen-- 162 

Raboine, Marsha--42 
Rapson, Jim--162 
Reed, Charlotte- - 50, 55, 

Reed, Debbie- -25, 29, 52, 

53, 130 
Reed, J. P. --34, 142 
Reed, Michael-- 162 
Reed, Ronnie--48 
Reese, Kassy--48, 162 
Renfrew, Lance- -48, 49, 

Rentfro, Cal--37 
Rex, Colette-- 162 
Reynolds, Dennis--142 
Reynolds, Eric--35, 151 
Rhoden, Michael--34 
Richmond, Janice- - 28, 33, 

65, 151 
Richter, Billy-- 162 
Rieg, Tim--103 
Rielly, Melanie- - 50, 5 1, 

55, 151 
Robertson, Steve--37 
Robertson, Susan- - 32, 65, 

Rochelle, Amanda--162 
Rogers, Cindy- - 52, 130 
Rosenblad, Diane--29, 

37, 162 
Ross, Marlon--22, 24, 39, 

67, 74, 130 
Rossy, Kenneth- - 37, 66, 

Rothert, Eric-- 103, 162 
Rowland, Kathy--32, 163 
Rulla, Jim--51, 94, 163 
Russ, Bryan--34, 110, 151 
Russell, Les--100 
Russell, Marsha--30, 131 

Salmon, Chris- - 4 1 , 44, 

58, 62, 65, 151 
Salter, Mike-- 142 
Sanchez, Felipe-- 103 
Sandberg, Karol- - 30, 48, 

Sandberg, Lynne- - 30, 48, 

50, 142 


Schaefer, Randy-- 103, 

Schermerhorn, Andrea-- 

32, 94 
Schieffer, Mark-- 103 
Schleicher, Kevin--151 
Schlemmer, Ellen-- 142 
Schlenker, Tom--37, 

57, 163 
Schmid, Mike--65, 151 
Schmoeller, Judy--28, 

Schnepel, Julie- -29, 37, 

42, 50, 52, 151 
Schoen, R obert- - 37, 43, 

78, 131 
Scholl, Karl--66, 83, 94, 

Scholl, Tim--48, 49, 51, 

52, 53, 152 
Schroeder, Michael--34 
Schroff, Lisa--29, 48, 163 
Schroff, Rick--34, 49 
Schuller, Christina- -50 
Sellers, Leah--30 
Sells, Keith--36, 163 
Sells, Mona--40, 114, 163 
Sells, Sheila--40, 142 
Sessions, Mark--37,43, 

110, 142 
Sessions, Pete--23,37, 

63, 65, 110, 131 
Sewell, Phil--87 
Sexton, Celia--68 
Sharp, Jarre--53, 152 
Sharpe, Linda--30, 152 
Sheffield, Anne-- 13, 46 
Sheffield, Carol--96, 131 
Shell, Caroline--28, 33, 

Shelton, Andy--36 
Shepherd, Richard--42, 

Shepherd, Robert--6l 
Sheppard, Constance-- 

28, 52, 163 
Sherouse, Ronald--34 
Sherrod, Katie--28, 142 
Shevack, Rhonda-- 163 

Shipp, Gary--37 
Shoup, Julie--29, 163 
Shungu, Dikoma--l63 
Simmons, David- - 63, 65, 

Simmons, Re- - 1 3, 46, 67, 

Sisk, Candy- - 30, 143 
Skinner, Ann--35 
Slaughter, Kathleen- - 10, 

28, 152 
Slauter, Mike--36 
Sleppy, Dale-- 103 
Sloan, Carol--30, 50, 51, 

Sloan, Thomas--34 
Sluder, Leslie-- 163 
Smith, Andy--37, 43, 53, 

Smith, Don^-37, 163 
Smith, Eric--37, 42, 78, 

Smith, Jay--36, 164 
Smith, Jonathan--87 
Smith, Kelly-- 13, 46 
Smith, Kendall- -52 
Smith, Mark-- 143 
Sonnenberg, John-- 35, 143 
Spain, Cathy-- 152 
Spellmann, Amy--48 
Spellmann, Don--48,49, 

Spencer, Adele--143 
Spracklen, Kim--32,56, 

99, 164 
Stancil, Lorena- - 30, 48, 

50, 152, 49 
Stanford, Blake- -35 
Stanley, David--34, 98, 

Stanley, Mike- - 1 1, 37, 43, 

53, 56, 132 
Steer, Kathy- - 32, 45, 143 
Steger, Rian--164 
Sterling, Peggy-- 164 
Stiba, David-- 103 
Stoltenberg, Jeff--6l,82, 

Stone, Russell--87, 143 

Stowers, Frank- - 37, 52, 

56, 164 
Strane, Tracy- - 32, 92, 96 
Strasdin, John-- 152 
Stroud, Brooke- - 32, 34, 

Stump, Randy--36, 152 
Sullivan, Colleen- - 28, 42 

Talbert, Tom--6l, 132 
Tandy, Lizette- - 143 
Tanksley, Helen-- 143 
Tatum Shirley--39, 40, 

48, 143 
Teas, Carol - - 164 
Teinert, Eunice--164 
Terry, Faye--133 
Terry, Scott--103 
Thomas, Mary Beth-- 

30, 152 
Thomas, Robert--37 
Thompson, Cullum--34 
Thompson, Karen--28, 

Thompson, Margaret-- 

29, 152 
Thompson, Michael--87 
Tillman, Susan- -42, 6 1 , 

59, 143 
Tittle, Sharon--28, 114, 

Tobolka, Rick-- 103 
Todd, Brian--48, 49, 56, 

Tomme, Glenda--29, 164 
Tourtellotte, Tom--94, 

Troconis, Renato--144 
Truitt, Steve--46, 58 
Trujillo, Evelyn-- 144 
Tubbs, Jenny--164 
Tunnell, Sarah- - 32, 65, 

Turner, Cynthia--28, 

Turner, Valerie--133 
Turner, William-- 133 
Tuttle, Gwyn--32 


Valley, Cliff--48, 56, 57, 

110, 133 
Van Cleave, Lorna--30, 

48, 50, 51, 55, 164 
Vandament, Beth--30 
Vandernaillen, Vicky-- 

29, 133 
Van Winkle, Ann-- 152 
Vardiman, Rebecca--50, 

51, 59, 144 
Varner, Miles- - 52, 53, 

Varteressian, Vicky-- 133 
Vasquez, Ruben--144 
Vega, Cindy--133 
Victorin, Sally--29 
Villaret, Amanda- - 55, 153 
Vrana, Sherry-- 144 

Waggoner, Mark--36, 153 
Walton, Bill-- 144 
Washington, Cynthia--56 
Wayland, John- -51, 164 
Weaver, Jeff--87 
Webb, Kay--43, 44, 60, 68, 

72, 134 
Webb, Patricia--40, 144 
Weiler, Chaille--153 
Weller, Mary- - 32, 37, 144 

White, Marian--28, 134 
Whitfield, Beth--30, 153 
Whitlow, Stuart--72 
Whitman, Pam--29,56, 

Whitworth, Kenneth--87 
Wickes, Missy-- 32, 48, 

50, 164 
Wiemers, Deborah--31, 

59, 153 
Wilcox, Margaret-- 30, 145 
Wilkerson, Mike--34, 134 
Wilkins, Steve-- 100 
Willard, Cindy-- 31 
Willems, Debbie- - 32, 35 ; 


Williams, BU1--37, 145 
Williams, Julie- - 32, 153 
Williams, La ura- -29, 57, 

Williams, Ted-- 103 
Williamson, Michael-- 145 
Williamson, Tom--57,60, 

Willis, Greg--34, 61, 153 
Wilsher, M' Lynda- - 153 
Wilson, Chris--34, 153 
Wilson, Kara--30, 134 
Wilson, Kenneth-- 12, 13 

Wilson, Mary Jean-- 5 1, 

Wilson, Tek--10, 13,46 
Wimmer, Alan--34 
Wimmer, Lori--51,59, 

Winslow, Angie--29 
Wisdom, Mark--65, 164 
Wise, Kay--29, 51 
Wood, Mark--37, 153 
Woodfin, Patty-- 30, 33, 

53, 153 
Worley, Matt--34 
Worsham, Ray--35 
Worthing, Ann- - 56, 62, 153 

Yarber, Michael-- 145 
Yates, Kathy--32, 153 
Yeary, Ca ndace- -42, 45, 

Young, George- - 37, 43, 

65, 81 
Young, John--37, 153 
Yuen, Oscar--153 

Zimmerhanzel, Mark-- 

Zook, Craig--61, 134 
Zwiener, Jeff- - 37, 42, 53, 

Zwiener, John--37, 164 


Sine Qua Non Department: 

Special thanks to Bretna Smith, who 
knows everything about everybody; to 
Kirk and Carol Treible; to Barbara 
Brightwell; to the University News Ser- 
vice, which has gotten more than one 
Sou'wester out from between a rock and 
a hard place; to Weldon Crowley, for 
encouragement and moral support; to 
Liane Abrams of Stevens Studios, who 
helped to make an odious job somewhat 

more bearable; and to John Schulze, for 
all the help, commiseration and good 
advice he provided. 

This volume is dedicated to the past 
editors of the Sou'wester . Nobody knows 
the trouble they've seen. 

If this book looks haphazard, it certain- 
ly ought to. But we did what we could 
with what we had, and better luck next 

K. W.